Cetus Island (Meridian)

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Cetus Island
Meridian Ocean
Outpost island in the Draco Archipelago
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This island has no pets on it.
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Cetus Island is a outpost island located in the Draco Archipelago. There are three known routes from this island: Alicorn Island, Xana's Trummet, and an inter-archipelago route to Emerald Ocarina in the Iguana Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns elderberries, hemp, and stone.


There are no buildings on Cetus Island.


Cetus Island was originally located on the Malachite Ocean. An inscription on a broken wheel amongst the rocks to the west of the dock reads "This island were fashioned by Snakeeyes."

The word cetus comes from the Ancient Greek ketos (κῆτος) which refers to a whale or some sea monster - it is the origin of the English word cetacea, the order of mammals which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. Cetus is also a constellation in the northern winter sky. The constellation contains Mira (omicron ceti), the first variable star ever discovered.

Cetus Island is an uninhabitable island.