Terra Island (Meridian)

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Terra Island
Favicon.png Terra Island on the Meridian Ocean
Large island in the Jade Archipelago
Terra Island (Meridian).png

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Controlled by   Meridian's Most Wanted  
Governed by   Mordida
Navy color   Blue
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Terra Island is a large island located in the Jade Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Sakejima Island, Viridis Island, and Prolix Purlieu.

Natural resources

This island spawns lobelia, stone, and wood.


The Mortar and Pestle (bazaar)
From the Ground Up (upgraded)
Kiwi Magic (upgraded)
Prolix Purlieu Paints (upgraded)
Purrfect Potion (upgraded)
Sky Lab (upgraded)
Sweet and Silly Potions Inc
Vanguard Memorial Apothecary (upgraded)
Flint Mint (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Woodstock (upgraded)
Questionable Quenchers (bazaar)
Bud Light (upgraded)
Dirt Pour (upgraded)
Fantasy Liquor (upgraded)
Fire Breath (upgraded)
On The Rocks (upgraded)
Poison Apple Cider
Rum on the Rocks (upgraded)
Shaken Not Stirred (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Venetian Blinds (bazaar)
Furniture from the Earth (upgraded)
Pixelated Props (upgraded)
Sedimentary Seating (upgraded)
The Garden District (left-facing townhouse)
Grounds Up (left-facing shack)
Mississippi Mudbug Manors (right-facing manor)
Lost Inn Vegas (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Spanish Rapiers (bazaar)
Fantasy Steels (upgraded)
The Grand Cannon (upgraded)
Kiss My Ironmonger (upgraded)
My Hard Balls (upgraded)
Rock Hard (upgraded)
Smashed, Pounded & Curved (upgraded)
Suicide King Memorial Iron Monger (upgraded)
Terra-fying Balls (upgraded)
Valyrian Steel (upgraded)
Vanguard Memorial Iron Monger (upgraded)
Everything Rocks (upgraded)
Dover Docks (bazaar)
Antique (upgraded)
Fantasy Ships and Whips (upgraded)
For Sail (upgraded)
L'eau and Behold (upgraded)
Raft Of Medusa (upgraded)
Rock the boat (upgraded)
Stoned (upgraded)
Suicide King Memorial Shipyard (upgraded)
Supercalifragilicticexpialidocious (upgraded)
Team New Zealand (upgraded)
Earthenwears (bazaar)
Attire Me Out (upgraded)
Baby Got Rack (upgraded)
Bam Boom Bop (upgraded)
Black Hearts (upgraded)
Designed on Glittery Golden Bricks (upgraded)
Django Undressed (upgraded)
Dolce and Bandana (upgraded)
Fade To Black (upgraded)
Fez To Toe (upgraded)
The Hemmed Hemp (upgraded)
Leather and Lace (upgraded)
Lots of Goats and Clothing (upgraded)
Options on Terra (upgraded)
Rack It Up (upgraded)
Rag Makers (upgraded)
Ralph Laurel (upgraded)
Rosey Regalia (upgraded)
Sew Fabulous (upgraded)
Sewing Your Oats (upgraded)
Terra Tailor (upgraded)
Terra Yer Clothes Off (upgraded)
Troy It On (upgraded)
A Touch of Class (upgraded)
Carbon Fibers (bazaar)
Grounded Sails (upgraded)
Knit with Ni (upgraded)
Moon Weavers (upgraded)
Suicide King Memorial Weaver (upgraded)
Trompt As Writ (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
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African Fish and Fetish (upgraded furnisher)
Baby Bloomers (upgraded tailor)
Baby Boutique (upgraded tailor)
Baby Breath (upgraded apothecary)
Big Ballin (iron monger)
Bran Flakes is Really Weaving (upgraded weavery)
Brass Knockers (upgraded iron monger)
Burning Water (distillery)
Captains Club (upgraded tailor)
Closet Addiction (upgraded tailor)
Driftwood (upgraded shipyard)
Excalibur's Cave (upgraded iron monger)
Endless Shipyard (upgraded shipyard)
Evil Frigates Company (upgraded shipyard)
Evil Love Potion (upgraded apothecary)
Evil Swords (upgraded iron monger)
Fantasy Threads (upgraded weavery)
Floats em and Jetsam (upgraded shipyard)
Gargamel's Hovel (upgraded apothecary)
Ginebra Gin (upgraded distillery)
Great Balls of Fire (upgraded iron monger)
Hard Rock Epee (upgraded iron monger)
Irae Colours (apothecary)
Iron Vengeance (iron monger)
Jesus Juice (upgraded distillery)
Journey to the West (upgraded tailor)
Just Add Arsenic (upgraded distillery)
Just A Kiss Away (upgraded tailor)
The Love Boat (upgraded shipyard)
Masamune's Katanas (upgraded iron monger)
Money Pit (upgraded tailor)
Nile Rafts (upgraded shipyard)
Noah's Arch (upgraded shipyard)
Norfolk Naval Shipyard (upgraded shipyard)
Penelope's Handies (upgraded weavery)
Regnum Rum (upgraded distillery)
Rock Mart (upgraded tailor)
Shipwreck Cove (upgraded shipyard)
Shipyard Thirteen (upgraded shipyard)
Siren's 'Sink Me' Ships (upgraded shipyard)
Siren's Spinning Spindles (upgraded weavery)
Sit On It (upgraded furnisher)
Smooth Liquor (upgraded distillery)
Sticks and Stones (tailor)
Sword Makers (upgraded iron monger)
Threads of Heaven (upgraded tailor)
Totally Hammered (upgraded iron monger)
Toxic Sludge (upgraded apothecary)
VicTerra's Secret (upgraded tailor)
Woodpecker's Nest (upgraded furnisher)


Terra is currently controlled by Meridian's Most Wanted.


Terra Island was originally located on the Viridian Ocean. A lobelia spawn on the northwest "arm tip" reads, "This island were fashioned by Akkhima."

Euphoria period

2005-08-06 to 2005-08-28

Euphoria began colonization of Terra with a "places on Earth" naming scheme. They built the fort, a shack, the inn, and the shipyard, iron monger, and furnisher bazaars. They also constructed 3 shipyards (Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Nile Rafts, Antique), a furnisher shop African Fish and Fetish and an iron monger shop named Masamune's Katanas.

Euphoria successfully defend Terra from Scuppering Seven Seas once. However, they were unable to resist Scuppering Seven Seas for long. On 2005-08-28, Euphoria's rule came to an end in a four-round blockade in which both Euphoria and Scuppering Seven Seas fought hard to control the island.

Scuppering Seven Seas period

2005-08-28 to 2005-09-27

On 2005-08-28, Scuppering Seven Seas took control of Terra, accomplishing a long-standing flag goal. King Scupperer instituted a revised naming scheme for Terra that focused on earthy names. One of his first acts as governor was to rename the fort from Euphoric Nations to Everything Rocks.

Infierno De los Diablos period

2005-09-27 to 2006-02-12

On 2005-09-27, Scuppering Seven Seas sold Terra island to Infierno De los Diablos. The new owners kept the naming theme of earth and rock.

The Syndicate period

2006-02-12 to 2006-05-06

The Syndicate seized control of Terra Island from Infierno De los Diablos in a 3 round non-sinking blockade. Calais was installed as governor, and almost immediately raised the taxes to 99%, which sparked minor upheaval in the economy. The island was under the effective control of Vanguard.

Star Explorers period

2006-05-06 to 2006-07-30

Star Explorers seized control of Terra Island from The Syndicate in a 3 round non-sinking blockade. The previous Governor, Calais, organized no defense, and dusted the majority of the furniture props in all of the government buildings, as well as planted two new houses, one on top of a wood spawn, leading to much forum tarting. Twiggy was installed as governor, and taxes were lowered for a time, yet buildings were still constructed, and no effort was initially made to correct the island (there was a large community push for a project similar to the Cnossos Redevelopment Project.) Later, Star Explorer's changed the governor of the island and a push was made to begin a redevelopment project, which launched even more forum tarting, and the project ultimately went nowhere.

Vanguard period

2006-07-30 to 2007-10-06

Vanguard came to Terra in a 4-round sinking blockade and seized Terra to place it under the leadership of Calais once again. Calais proceeded to construct even more buildings on the island. At some point in the first half of 2007 an upgraded distillery called Vodka n' Rockin dusted. At some point, there was another distillery called SuicideKingMemorialDistillery that also dusted. (verify)

Regnum Irae period

2007-10-06 to 2007-12-15

Regnum Irae decided to attack Terra on a whim, wresting control from Vanguard in a hair-raising 4 round sinking blockade. Mergen was voted as Governor and immediately lowered the property taxes. After a few days of serious forum-tarting, Mergen decided to raise the taxes back to 100%.


Terra I: 2005-08-06, Euphoria went uncontested for the first two rounds of the blockade. Scuppering Seven Seas, however, dropped a war chest between rounds 2 and 3. Scuppering Seven Seas went on to win round 3 of the blockade but were unable to overcome Euphoria in round 4, allowing Euphoria to take control of the island and begin its colonization.

Terra II: 2005-08-20, Euphoria successfully defended Terra from Scuppering Seven Seas in this three-round non-sinking blockade. Euphoria maintained solid control throughout round 1 of the blockade and kept removing Scuppering Seven Seas ships from the battle. Scuppering Seven Seas did not seriously contest Terra after Round 1 but did allow anyone in their flag to navigate ships in the blockade for fun.

Terra III: 2005-08-28, Scuppering Seven Seas took control of Terra from Euphoria in this four-round non-sinking blockade. Scuppering Seven Seas outnumbered Euphoria throughout the battle. Euphoria picked up a quick lead by winning round 1. Round 2, which featured heavy fighting, went to Scuppering Seven Seas. In round 3, Euphoria continued to put up heavy defense but was unable to dislodge an enemy war frigate from a six flag point area resulting in another round for Scuppering Seven Seas. The 4th and final round was not as competitive and ended with a victory for Scuppering Seven Seas.

Terra IV: 2005-09-04, Scuppering Seven Seas fended off Euphoria in a five-round sinking blockade and retained control of the island. This blockade has been referred to as a sink-fest by eyewitnesses with each side losing numerous ships.

In early October 2005, Scuppering Seven Seas sold Terra Island to Infierno De los Diablos.

Terra V: 2006-01-22, Infierno De los Diablos defended against two flags, after war chests were dropped by RiddleMakers and Confusion. The first two rounds were won by Confusion, with RiddleMakers barely showing up at all. Infierno De los Diablos fended off the remaining Confusion ships and went on to win the next three.

Terra VI: 2006-02-12, The Syndicate attacked the island and seized control in a three-round non-sinking blockade. Infierno De los Diablos announced their intent to effectively disband before the blockade started, as Antix had to be absent due to real-life issues (which had been stated before the blockade). Requiem and other flags attempted to help IDLD defend, but were unable to hold back The Syndicate. During this period, Terra was controlled by Calais and the flag Vanguard, but was under The Syndicate name.

Terra VII: 2006-05-06 , -'Star Explorers'- attacked and won the island in a three-round non-sinking blockade. There was no organized defense, although allies of The Syndicate fielded small vessels, they were unable to earn more than a few points at a time. Twiggy was installed as governor.

Terra VIII: 2006-07-30 , Vanguard attacked the island in a four-round sinking blockade. -'Star Explorers'- put up a full defense. The first two rounds were each won by a margin of six points, round one going to -'Star Explorers'-, round two going to Vanguard. Rounds three and four were heavilly contested, but Vanguard won both by a larger margin, and -'Star Explorers'- admitted defeat towards the end of round four. Calais was reinstated as governor.

Terra IX: 2006-10-14, Vanguard defended Terra in four rounds against Brotherhood without Banners. This was part of a larger 8-island series of blockades, in which Terra, along with Vanguard's other islands (Cochineal, Olive, Napi Peak), and the islands of several allies were attacked at the same time. The first round seemed to be lost due to a shortage of jobbers across the blockades, but as the other blockades ended, Vanguard defeated Brotherhood handily.

Terra X: 2006-12-3, Vanguard defended against Brotherhood without Banners at 3 A.M PDT. This was quite early for many of Vanguard's members, but as the blockade wore on jobbing shifted to the defenders' advantage, and Brotherhood pulled out halfway through Round 4.

Terra XI: 2007-4-14, Vanguard defended against Brotherhood without Banners in a five-round sinking blockade. Brotherhood w-o Banners did not contest Round 5.

Terra XII: 2007-8-4, Vanguard defended against The Enlightened in a three-round sinking blockade. Vargas the Mad had an amassed power of 14 to begin, but was easily defeated.

Terra XIII: 2007-10-6, Regnum Irae attacked and won the island in a four-round sinking blockade. Mergen was installed as Governor.

Terra XIV: 2007-12-15, Collateral Damage attacked at the same time as Prolix and won the island in a three-round sinking blockade. Moedefoe was installed as Governor. Shortly after, Mantisray offered an undisclosed amount to Collateral Damage for Governorship; and was accepted.