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drop pattern
Equipped Fist Blackjack.png
Doubloons 8
Decay rate 90 days

The blackjack is one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. It can be purchased at shipyards. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may only be used by subscribers.

The blackjack is known for really great small strikes. Although the large strikes might look terrible, by the time the opponent can reach the easily-clearable part of the large strikes, the blackjack user could have made additional strikes that causes the easily-clearable parts to no longer exist.

The blackjack has very good small unbruised strikes. However, due to a change in the blackjack's drop pattern (August 2010), it is no longer a good idea to repeatedly send small unbruised strikes, as fast as possible. The blackjack is still extremely good when moderate-to-heavy bruises are involved, and/or if you mix strikes and sprinkles. In other words, you can still send a lot of strike attacks with the blackjack, but if you are literally spending the first 2 minutes of the game spamming strike-after-strike-after-strike, then you might be a bit of trouble.

Although the blackjack's 3-group single-row sprinkle pattern isn't going to win many sprinkle fights, having only 3 groups will slow down the frequency that their opponents can make strikes. Also, having a group of 4 at the edge of its sprinkle pattern gives the opponent a very easy place to dump all of the balls that they don't immediately know what to do with.


  • Leushite: 6 units
  • Paint: 2 units
  • Paint: 1 unit
  • Stone: 3 units
  • 5 hours of basic labor
  • 30 hours of skilled labor
  • 10 hours of expert labor


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