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Herbs are ingredients in a variety of products, including paint, potions, furniture, enamel, dye, and various other materials. Each herb is associated with a different color in some of these products.

Herbs can be purchased at commodities markets via the bid ticket system, or they can be pillaged from merchant brigands. All herbs must be stored in the hold of a ship or shoppe.

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Broom flower Broom flower
Butterfly weed Butterfly weed
Cowslip Cowslip
Elderberries Elderberries
Indigo Indigo.png
Iris root Iris root
Lily of the valley Lily of the valley
Lobelia Lobelia
Madder Madder
Nettle Nettle
Old man's beard Old man's beard
Pokeweed berries Pokeweed berries
Sassafras Sassafras
Weld Weld
Yarrow Yarrow