Disguise kit

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The disguise kit is a trinket that can be obtained by opening a black box purchased from a black market. It was first seen in release 2010-03-09. Disguise kits are available in the same range of colours as pirates' hair. Due to a booch made shortly prior to the release of the gold box, the trinket was temporarily available in a number of other colors.


Each trinket comes in a range of colors.

Colors-trinket-Disguise kit.png

Black Market Rewards
Series 1 Black handkerchief | Caltrops | Disguise kit | Forged documents | Knucklebone dice | Lockpick kit | Skeleton key | Stolen imperial plans

Series 2 Counterfeit coins | Garrote | Grappling hook | Marked cards | Plunder bag | Poison | Smoke bomb | Throwing knives

Series 3 Decoder medallion | Dirty laundry list | Fake casino chips | Poison darts | Powdered unicorn horn | Ransom note | Raven's feather | Stinking badges | Wanted poster

Series 5 Assassin's belt | Assassin's dagger | Black king | Dark grimoire | Skull box
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