Piggy bank

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Piggy bank
Piggy bank.png
Obtained from puzzle competitions
Doubloon cost: n/a
Golden piggy bank
Golden piggy bank.png
Obtained from gold boxes & puzzle competitions
Doubloon cost: n/a
Black piggy bank
Black piggy bank.png
Obtained from black boxes
Doubloon cost: n/a

There are two varieties of piggy bank: regular and empty. There are three colors of piggy bank: pink, golden, and black.

Empty piggy banks are tabletop furniture.

Regular piggy banks are miscellaneous inventory items containing pieces of eight. Cracking one open destroys the piggy bank and grants your pirate the PoE contained inside. Golden piggy banks have been won in puzzle competitions, and are found in gold boxes with a 9% probability; these piggy banks contain a minimum of 20,000 PoE. Higher amounts, in increments of 15,000 PoE, can also be won, with decreasing probability. Black piggy banks can be found in black boxes, with a base 1.8% probability. Pink piggy banks have been won in puzzle competitions.

Historical notes

  • Empty piggy banks first appeared in release 2012-05-30.
  • Piggy banks first appeared on 2012-04-06.