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Monster amulet

From YPPedia

Monster amulets are items that can be won from black boxes, and that can be used to temporarily change a pirate into one of of five types of monster:

Additionally, there are two amulets that have the opposite effect - they turn a monster back into a pirate:

  • Garlic amulet, an amulet used to change a vampire back into a pirate.
  • Wolfsbane amulet, am amulet used to change a werewolf back into a pirate.

Monster amulets can be used an unlimited number of times and last up to five days. The effects of a monster amulet will wear off once a pirate has logged off and back on again. Monster amulets appear in the "miscellaneous" section of the booty panel.

Monster amulets
Pirate to monster Moon amulet | Necromantic amulet | Sanguine amulet | Skeletal amulet | Spectral amulet
Monster to pirate Garlic amulet | Wolfsbane amulet
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