Release 2010-03-09

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Weave It To Cleaver

From the Release Notes:
  • New crafting puzzle: Weaving
  • New Attraction building: The Black Market
    • Black markets sell black boxes with random prizes inside
  • New Limited Edition Portrait Backgrounds: Adrielle's Lucky Swirls, Corkskooner's Celtic Castle, Damayi's Fortune Gate, Kiziak's Luck, Pishkirlin's Good Omens
  • Imperial Outposts now award trinkets to "dedicated hands" (subscribers & pirate badge holders) similarly to the Brigand King trinkets
  • New type of item: "Design" - Some items can be made at normal shoppes but require the orderer to supply an appropriate Design item
  • New items at the trading post: Shako Hat Design, Cockade Hat Design, Imperial Banner Design, Explorers' Banner, Brass Telescope, Rogue Class Ship Designs
  • Removed the move counter from Alchemistry.
  • Show missions for crafting puzzles on their free days to pirates that aren't subscribed/don't have labor badges
  • Allow palaces, forts, and attraction buildings to have managers
  • Add several new player-created Cursed Isles scenes
  • Improve performance of Bumblebeard
  • Fix some graphical glitches with Bumblebeard
  • Don't allow bots to be ordered to Treasure Haul
  • Fix issues with audio under 64-bit Java
  • Fix bug where parts of scenes would sometimes fail to draw
  • Fix formatting for some numbers in poker
  • Fix a bug where Pirate News Page slowness would lock the entire client
  • Fix some bugs with deluxe labor badges
  • Fix a bug in labor calculations related to exceptionally large amounts of reserve labor
  • Fix a bug where if you left the ship too quickly after setting sail on a swabbie transport voyage, the swabbies wouldn't correctly take their stations
  • Fix bugs preventing proper snow thaw