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Moon amulet

From YPPedia

The moon amulet is a type of monster amulet that was first released during the 2011 Halloween events, and could be obtained from the palace shoppe for 5,000 PoE on all oceans. Currently, they may be obtained at random from black boxes. A moon amulet is used to temporarily turn a pirate into a werewolf; this effect will last until the pirate logs out of the game. The amulet can be used an unlimited number of times, but will decay after five days. It appears in the "miscellaneous" section of the booty panel.

When the amulet is used, the pirate will receive the message, "This amulet contains the everlasting beams of the full autumn moon, by donning it ye've also donned the mantle of a ravening werewolf!" Any clothing that the pirate is currently wearing will temporarily turn into rags, with the color of the rags determined by the primary color of each of the clothing articles (torso and legs) that the pirate is wearing at the time the amulet is used. The clothes themselves do not actually dust into rags, and will return to normal once the pirate is no longer a werewolf. As a werewolf, the pirate cannot change clothes, and cannot use some potions (such as temporary hair dyes).

Colors-item-Moon amulet.png
Colors-item-Moon amulet.png
Colors-item-Moon amulet.png
Colors-item-Moon amulet.png
Colors-item-Moon amulet.png

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