Sea turtle

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A sea turtle in a portrait.
This page is about the sea turtle pet. For other uses of the term "turtle", please refer to that disambiguation page.

A sea turtle is a type of pet. Sea turtles are available exclusively from gold boxes, with the exception of the black sea turtle, which is available from black boxes, and the golden sea turtle, available from trading posts.

Standard and/or limited editions

Appearance Obtained From Notes
Banana sea turtle
Pets-Banana sea turtle.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: banana
    • Skin: banana
Beach plum sea turtle
Pets-Beach plum sea turtle.png

Gold boxes (August 2022)

  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: plum
    • Skin: periwinkle
Black sea turtle
Pets-Black sea turtle.png
dark grey/black

Black boxes

  • Known Colors:
    • Black shell:
      • Skin: black, white, dark grey
    • Dark grey shell:
      • Skin: black
Dark vintage sea turtle
Pets-dark vintage sea turtle.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: shadow
    • Skin: wine
Gemstone sea turtle
Pets-Gemstone sea turtle.png

Gold boxes

  • Known Colors (2013-2014):
    • April 2013 - Emerald/Emerald
    • June - Ruby/Ruby
    • August - Emerald/Emerald
    • October - Sapphire/Sapphire
    • December - Amethyst/Amethyst
    • February - Diamond/Diamond
    • April 2014 - Dreamstone/Dreamstone

  • Known Colors (June 2015):
    • Shell: gold
    • Skin: diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire

  • Known Colors (2015-2016):
    • August - Ruby/Amethyst
    • October - Diamond/Ruby
    • December - Sapphire/Diamond
    • February - Diamond/Sapphire
    • April - Emerald/Diamond
    • June - Ruby/Sapphire
Golden sea turtle
Pets-Golden sea turtle.png

Trading posts

  • Costs one of each type of Gold box trinket
  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: gold
    • Skin: blue, green, red brown

For gold-shelled turtles with gemstone skin, see Gemstone sea turtles above.

Midsummer sea turtle
Image: 100 pixels

Gold boxes (June 2022)

  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: banana
    • Skin: emerald

Plum sea turtle
Pets-Plum sea turtle.png

Gold boxes (August 2018)

  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: plum
    • Skin: plum
Sea turtle
Pets-Sea turtle.png
yellow/light green

Gold boxes

  • Known Colors:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Light Green
  • Green
  • Dark Green
  • Blue Green
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Light Brown
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Red Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Blue Grey
Tossed-up turtle


  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: random 'gem' colors
    • Skin: random 'gem' colors

Vernal sea turtle
Pets-Vernal sea turtle.png
emerald/spring green


  • Known Colors:
    • Shell: emerald
    • Skin: spring green

Colors available

Pets-Sea turtle colors.png

Known sounds

  • Sea Turtle chews slowly.
  • Sea Turtle hides.
  • Sea Turtle hopes not to get stepped on.
  • Sea Turtle is a party dude.
  • Sea Turtle is cool but crude.
  • Sea Turtle is slow and steady.
  • Sea Turtle paddles.
  • Sea Turtle roars.
  • Sea Turtle snaps.

Historical notes

Sea turtles first became available with the April 2013 batch of gold boxes.

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