Frost class longship

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Frost class longship
Frost class longship dock.png
Max crew 15
Max swabbies 13
Mass (kilograms) 13,500
Volume (liters) 20,250
Navigation 1
Rigging/Sailing 5
Carpentry/Patching 3
Bilging 3
Gunnery 3
Battle Nav
Move tokens per turn 4
Cannon size small
Cannons aboard 12
Cannon shots per move 2 per side
Max Damage: (SF) / (Sink)
Small cannon balls 9 / 15
Medium cannon balls 6 / 10
Large cannon balls 4.5 / 7.5
Influence diameter 2
Min crew 5
Porting Bribe Cost
Cost per bribe 90 PoE
Swabbie Ship Transport
Max swabbies 9
Cost per league 45 PoE
Construction Costs
Doubloons 36
(24 Dark Seas doubloon cost)
Basic labor 250
Skilled labor 150
Expert labor 50
Iron 250
Sail cloth 175
Tan cloth 75
Wood 350
Light blue paint 70
Frost class longship design 1

The Frost class longship is a ship available from shipyards. Its construction requires a design only available from trading posts.

Frost class ships will have one of the following adjectives in their name: Arctic, Bitter, Bleak, Brisk, Chilly, Cold-blooded, Crisp, Frigid, Frost-bound, Frostbitten, Frosted, Frosty, Frozen, Glacial, Icy, Nippy, Numbing, Polar, Shivering, Snowy, or Wintry.

There are two Frost class ships, at this time: the sloop and the longship. Both share the same group of adjectives for their randomly-assigned names when delivered, and both share the same decorative motif. However, the sloop is a limited edition ship, whereas the longship can be ordered any any time (provided the customer has the requisite design).

Rooms and furnishings

A Frost class longship has 3 scenes: The main deck, the crow's nest, and the main hold.

This ship comes pre-painted with light blue railings, ice blue sideboards, and a tan hull. The total paint required to recolor the ship is 176 units.

Frost class longship
Main Deck
Main Deck (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Props:
    • The props in this scene are unknown.
Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • Railing: 1 unit
    • Sideboard: 1 unit
  • Special items:
    • This scene has no special items.
  • Props:
    • The props in this scene are unknown.
Main Hold
Main Hold (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Props:
    • The props in this scene are unknown.

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