Verdant class cutter

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Verdant class cutter
Verdant class cutter dock.png
Max crew 12
Max swabbies 10
Mass (kilograms) 40,500
Volume (liters) 60,750
Navigation 1
Rigging/Sailing 5
Carpentry/Patching 3
Bilging 2
Gunnery 2
Battle Nav
Move tokens per turn 4
Cannon size small
Cannons aboard 8
Cannon shots per move 1 per side
Max Damage: (SF) / (Sink)
Small cannon balls 7.5 / 12.5
Medium cannon balls 5 / 8.333
Large cannon balls 3.75 / 6.25
Influence diameter 2
Min crew 4
Porting Bribe Cost
Cost per bribe 70 PoE
Swabbie Ship Transport
Max swabbies 7
Cost per league 35 PoE
Construction Costs
Doubloons 60
Basic labor 250
Skilled labor 100
Expert labor 75
Iron 100
Sail cloth 150
Wood 200
Gold nuggets 5
Lemon paint 50
Mint paint 50

A Verdant class cutter is a limited edition ship available from shipyards in May 2010 and again in May 2021. It differs greatly in layout from the standard class cutter. In addition to the overall plant theme, another difference is that it has eight Gunnery stations instead of the usual six on a basic cutter.

Verdant class ships are delivered with the following adjectives: Arboreal, Blooming, Blossoming, Coniferous, Cultivated, Deciduous, Floral, Grassy, Herbaceous, Lush, Vibrant, or Vivacious.

Rooms and furnishings

A Verdant cutter has three scenes: The main deck, the main hold, and the crow's nest.

This ship comes pre-painted with lemon railings, mint sideboard and lemon hull. The total paint required to recolor the cutter is 171 units.

Verdant class cutter
Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Paint:
    • Railing: 2 units
  • Special items:
    • This scene has no special items.
  • Props:
    • This scene has no props.
Main Deck
Main Deck (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Props:
  • Powder bag
  • Small cannonballs
  • Verdant tapestry (x4)


Main Hold
Main Hold (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Props:
  • Barrel (x2)
  • Crate o'limes
  • Drum
  • Fancy book desk
  • Fancy end table
  • Fancy chair
  • Pyramid of barrels
  • Sofa
  • Striped chair
  • Tools
  • Tree tapestry (x2)
  • Vase with plant (x2)
  • Verdant tapestry (x2)
  • Wine glasses
  • Woodpile

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