Sail cloth

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Sail Cloth
Refined goods
Cloth sail.png
Mass: 0.7 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: Weaveries
Used by: Shipyards, Furnishers
End products: Ships, Furniture, Bludgeons

Sail cloth is a type of cloth used in ship building to make the sails for ships. It is made at a weavery and requires hemp to make.


Fifty units of sail cloth are produced with this recipe.

  • Hemp: 50 units
  • 30 hours of basic labor
  • 10 hours of skilled labor

Historical note

Sail cloth was first introduced with Beta release 2003-12-03. As the Product section of Manage Prices did not exist at this time, 1 cowslip was initially part of the recipe in order to allow shops to disable sail cloth. When the product section was added to Manage Prices in release 2004-06-18, cowslip was deleted from the sail cloth recipe.


Sail cloth is needed for the production of:

Shipyard products