Cannon ball

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Small cannon balls
Finished goods
Mass: 7.1 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: Iron mongers

Medium cannon balls
Finished goods
Mass: 14.2 kg Volume: 2 L
Obtained from: Iron mongers

Large cannon balls
Finished goods
Mass: 21.3 kg Volume: 3 L
Obtained from: Iron mongers

Cannon balls (often abbreviated as CBs) are balls of iron, are produced at iron mongers, and are used by pirates during sea battles. Bigger balls do more damage, but not all ships can use them. Sloops, cutters and longships use small cannon balls; merchant brigs, war brigs, dhows, baghlahs, and xebecs use medium cannon balls; and fanchuans, junks, merchant galleons, war galleons, war frigates, and grand frigates use large cannon balls.

Cannon size Ship types
Small Sloop, cutter, longship
Medium Dhow, baghlah, merchant brig, war brig, xebec
Large Fanchuan, junk, merchant galleon, war galleon, war frigate, grand frigate

Cannon ball recipes

Each order produces 10 units of cannon balls.

Small cannon balls

Medium cannon balls

  • Iron: 8 units
  • Wood: 3 units
  • 3 hours basic ironworking labor
  • 2 hours skilled ironworking labor

Large cannon balls

  • Iron: 12 units
  • Wood: 4 units
  • 2 hours basic ironworking labor
  • 5 hours skilled ironworking labor

Secondary use

Cannon balls can also be used as refined commodities for making furniture. Small cannon balls are needed in the production of:

Medium cannon balls are needed in the production of:

Furnisher products

Historical note

Prior to release 2004-01-26 which added war, all ships used small cannon balls, and the larger caliber shots could not be produced. This led to quite tedious sea battles when using larger ships.