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Commands are quick text actions that allow players communicate with other players, get game information, or access other options in the game that are not part of the GUI. Commands are typed in the text entry box at the bottom of the game window. To use a command type the "/" key then the command followed by a space, and any argument the command needs. To repeat the last command used, push the up arrow while in the text box at the bottom.

Usage: /<command> <argument>
Example: /tell cleaver Ahoy Mate! How are you this fine evening?

A command can be shortened as long as it remains unique. Since /officer is the only command that starts with an 'o' ,
/officer Ahoy Mates! Anyone up for a pillage?
can be shortened to:
/o Ahoy Mates! Anyone up for a pillage?
Because of the identical beginnings, /fwho, /fofficer, and /fbroadcast each require the first two letters.

Additional help on any command can be found in the game by typing /help <command>. Typing a forward-slash / on its own brings up a list of all possible commands, as does /help with no arguments.

Chat commands

See also: Communication

The following commands are related to game chat.


These commands allow a pirate to communicate with others in the game via different channels. Each one sends a message to either a single player or a group of players. The message sent contains the text that follows the command.


These commands modify the message text or appearance of the message in some way, but are not chat channels in their own right. They must be combined with another channel in order to send a message, for example /crew /shout Ahoy! will send "Ahoy!" to a pirate's crew with the style of a Shout command. They may be combined with all channels except /Tell, /Officer, /Fofficer, /Royalty, and /Fbroadcast. If no channel is specified, the modifier will use the Speak channel.


Other commands related to game chat.

Chat command syntax

To send a message to a particular channel, the following syntax is used. Square brackets indicate optional fields:

[/Channel] [/Modifier] Message
  • [Channel] is one of the chat channels listed above. This is optional, and if omitted the chat channel used will be the one selected in the list to the left of the chat bar.
  • [Modifier] is an optional chat modifier, as listed above. If the modifier is omitted, the message is displayed normally for that channel. If it is included, the message is modified accordingly. Note that some channels can not be combined with modifiers. These are /Tell, /Officer, /Fofficer, /Royalty, and /Fbroadcast.
  • Message is the message text.

How chat commands are processed

It is possible for multiple channels and modifiers to be specified, E.G.

/house /speak /think /shout /crew /game Ahoy!

The game will examine the commands from left-to-right, scanning for invalid channels (such as the /game channel for a pirate who is not in a game). If such a channel is detected, scanning halts immediately and a message is printed telling the pirate they do not have access to that channel. The list of commands is then scanned for channels which can not be combined with modifiers. If one is found, scanning halts immediately and that becomes the channel, with the remaining commands being printed with the message text. In the case of the /tell command, both a piratename and a message must be specified for this to happen.

If the left-to-right scan does not fail (as per this example), then scanning begins again from right-to-left, and will use the first channel found (if any). If no channel has been specified, the one selected in the list to the left of the chat bar is used. Commands to the right of that channel are then examined for any modifiers. In this example, the first channel read from right to left is "/game" and there is no modifier to the right of that. Thus, Y!PP would output Ahoy! into game chat with no modifier.

If the string of commands were to contain /officer instead:

/house /speak /think /shout /officer /crew /game Ahoy!

Scanning would stop at /officer, and the message sent to officer chat would be /crew /game Ahoy!. Note that /officer was reached before /game, thus no warning message will be displayed even if the pirate does not have access to the /game channel at that time.

Information commands

These commands display information about players, crews, ships, etc.

Status commands

These commands affect a pirate's status.

Game problem commands

These commands are to be used to report a problem with the game or with players in the game.


These commands don't fit in any other category.

Greeter commands

These commands are only available to greeters:

Global commands

These commands are used for a global channel:

Trade commands

These commands are used for trading purposes:

Historical notes

  • Between the releases of 2005-06-29 and 2005-07-08, /eject would restrict players from entering certain buildings. Due to shortcut conflicts with /emote, the /eject usage was amended to the usages of /plank.
  • Greeter chat was retired in favor of global chat in Release 2017-05-02.

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