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Status commands
/away (/afk)
A pirate with Do Not Disturb enabled.

The /dnd command (short for "Do Not Disturb") allows a pirate to prevent other players (aside from that pirate's hearties) from sending trade requests, job offers, hearty requests or puzzle challenges. A pirate with DND enabled will not hear knocks while inside their house. The /dnd command is a toggle; subsequent uses of the command turn the state on and off.

Clicking on one's pirate and selecting "Toggle Do Not Disturb" from there has the same effect as typing /dnd. This is a grey "stop sign" with the letters "DND" written across it, which turns red when this command is active.

The "Toggle Do Not Disturb" option, both on (top) and off (bottom).

Applying for a job from the Notice Board automatically disables DND in order for the officer of the appropriate crew to send over a jobbing offer.

/dnd or /d

Historical notes

This command was part of release 2005-03-28. The do not disturb icon used to be a hotel "do not disturb" sign, but it was changed to the current stop sign with release 2005-03-30. This was most likely because one of the radial icons for pirates with do not disturb enabled resembled an obscene gesture.[1]

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