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Information commands

The /who command lists various information about other players online and/or offline.

When typed with an online pirate's name specified after it, the game provides a box in the Ahoy! panel with information about the pirate's crew, current island or ship location, and their /afk message (if any). If the pirate is offline, the box displays the time and date the pirate was last online, and uses the viewer's computer clock's time instead of Pirate Time. If this time is not shown for offline players, then it indicates that a pirate with that name was created but didn't leave the introductory tutorial screen. Whether or not a pirate is online, the who command also provides a link to that pirate's info page.

If no username is specified, a generic information box is displayed. This box provides the following information:

  • The current number of players online
  • The viewer's current location
  • A breakdown of the location of others in the same area. When on a ship, this is the total number and current location of all players aboard is displayed; when on an island, this is the total number of players on the same island plus what building they are in, if any, is displayed.
  • The number of greeters on the island or aboard the same vessel as the player who called the command. Only those pirates who are currently in a scene will be shown. Players who are using the dock interface, for instance, will not appear on the list of greeters - or indeed anywhere in the information box - but they will be listed as being at "X Island" if a piratename is provided with /who.

A listing of the number of other players on islands in the same archipelago is displayed next, followed by a listing of all the vessels with players aboard them in the same archipelago. If a player name is listed in parentheses, they are currently at the helm of their ship.

Typing /w or /who aboard a ship allows a player to see how many players there are on the ship, and where they are. This is extremely useful when waiting for ships to load.

/who or /who <user name>

Historical notes

  • The pirate's crew and current vessel and activity (if applicable) were added to the /who information display in Release 2005-03-28
  • A player's /AFK status was added the the /who information display in Release 2005-04-26