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Chat commands
/emote (/me)
/speak (/say)
/tell (/msg)
/think (/ponder)

The /think or ponder command changes how a message is displayed, by replacing Piratename says with Piratename thinks. It is one of three modifier commands; the others being /think and /shout.

Think can be combined with /crew, /jcrew, /vessel, /house, /game, and /speak chat channels, although it is not a chat channel itself. Adding the Think command to the start of a message only affects that message's appearance.


The Think command has the following syntax:

[chat channel] /think <message> (/th), [chat channel] /ponder <message> (/po)

When no chat channel (E.G., /crew or /house) is specified, Think will use the channel specified on the list to the left of the chat box. It can not be combined with the /fbroadcast, /fofficer, /officer, /royalty and /tell channels.

Appearance in-game

An example of the Think command, combined with Speak.

Messages sent with the Think modifier command take the following form in the chat window:

Piratename thinks, "Message"

The Think command, when combined with Speak, adds scalloped edges to the message - both in the chat window and in the text bubble which appears in the scene. However, if the Think command is combined with any other chat channel, it will retain the appearance of that other chat channel. For example, /house /think message would display piratename thinks, "message" in a house-shaped bubble. Additionally, Speak is the only command which creates speech bubbles in scenes; all other commands are limited to the chat window.

Think only has a unique bubble appearance when it is combined with Speak. When combined with any other channel, it can be mimicked with the Emote command - E.G. /house /emote thinks, "Ahoy!" would output the same as /house /think Ahoy!.