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Chat commands
/emote (/me)
/speak (/say)
/tell (/msg)
/think (/ponder)

The /tell command allows any two pirates to communicate in private. It is unique in being the only chat channel command requiring two arguments, as well as having a different appearance for incoming and outgoing messages.


The Tell command has the following syntax:

/tell <piratename> <message>, /msg <piratename> <message> (/te, /ms)

Tells can not be combined with the three modifier commands /think, /shout, and /emote.

Appearance in-game

An example of the Tell command. Note the difference in appearance between the outgoing message (blue) and the incoming response (purple).

Tells take the following form in the chat window:

Ye told Piratename, "Message" (Outgoing messages)
Piratename tells ye, "Message" (Incoming messages)

Outgoing and incoming messages have different colors for backgrounds, as well as a slightly different border. Both types have jagged zigzagged edges on either side of the message. The incoming message border is the outgoing message border reflected in the horizontal axis. The following colors are used:

Color RGB (hex) Component
Outgoing Tells
#B9DADC Background
#039EA2 Border
Incoming Tells
#BBBEE1 Background
#1313AF Border

Who can use this command

  • In most settings, anyone can use this command. However, in Spades it is not possible to private message one's partner.
  • The intended recipient of the message must be logged on, or the Tell will fail to send. Additionally, a pirate attempting to send a Tell to himself or herself will be told "Talking to oneself is a sign of impending insanity." and the Tell will fail to send.
  • Pirates who have been blackspotted can not use this chat command for a short time.

Who can hear messages sent with this command

  • Only the pirate to whom the Tell is directed will be able to see the message. It is not possible to specify multiple recipients for private messages.
  • If one pirate has muted another, that first pirate will be unable to hear the muted pirate regardless of what channel the muted pirate talks in.