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The /job command allows a pirate to invite other pirates to temporarily join their crew as a jobbing pirate. Pirates may only use this command if they have a rank of officer or higher in their crew (plus an officer badge on a doubloon ocean or a subscription on a subscriber ocean). All pirates in the crew (including jobbers) online will receive a message stating which pirate has been invited to job for the crew. If an officer jobs another pirate while standing aboard a crew ship, the pirate that had been jobbed will be whisked aboard when they have accepted the jobbing invitation (barring a situation that prevents whisking, such as sea battle).

A jobbing invitation

The pirate that has been jobbed will receive an invitation in his or her Ahoy! panel, and their sunshine widget will switch focus to it. If they have sound enabled, they will receive a whistle. A pirate can only have one job application pending at a time. If they already have an application pending, any officer attempting to job them will receive a message stating that the pirate cannot be jobbed until they have no offers pending. A pirate may reject a jobbing offer, in which case everyone in the crew who is online (including existing jobbers) receive a message stating that it was declined. If a pirate has /dnd on when an officer who is not one of their hearties tries to job them, the officer will be informed that the pirate does not wish to be disturbed.

/job <pirate name>