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Information commands

The /fwho command allows players to quickly find information about a flag, its crews, and its members currently online. If at least two letters are provided as an argument, the game will search and return a new box in the Ahoy! panel with links to info pages for all of the matches.

By default, typing /fwho with no arguments offers detailed information about the current pirate's own character's flag, provided he or she is a member of one. If the current pirate is not a member of a flag, a message stating this will be printed.

If only one flag is found using the parameters that were provided, a flag's info page and all its currently online members are linked from the Ahoy! panel.

It is easier to find a particular flag if its full and exact name is provided. For instance, typing /fwho of may return The Art of War, but may also return Plundersoft.

The command is case-insensitive: running /fwho A Flag will return the same information as /fwho A flag.

/fwho <flag name>

Historical notes

The /fwho was modified to provide a single flag's information if there was only one match with release 2003-12-13.