Officer (command)

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The /officer command is a way for officers and higher in rank, who also belong to the same crew, to communicate. It is commonly referred to as officer chat.


The Officer command has the following syntax:

/officer <message> (/o)

Officer chat can not be combined with the three modifier commands /think, /shout, and /emote.

Appearance in-game

An example of the Officer command.

Officer chat takes the following form in the chat window:

Piratename officer chats, "Message"

All officer chat messages are shown in the chat window, with borders that are shaped like the edges of scrolls on either side of the message. Officer chat uses the following colors:

Color RGB (hex) Component
#D4D6E6 Text background
#5D5DB0 Border

Who can use this command

  • Anyone with officer privileges in a crew may use this command. In addition to ranking at officer or above, pirates on doubloon oceans must also hold a badge to give them access to this command. On subscriber oceans, pirates must also be subscribed to hold officer privileges.
  • Privileged officers may continue to use this chat command even if they have been blackspotted.

Who can hear messages sent with this command

  • All players with officer privileges can view messages sent over the officer chat channel.
  • If one pirate has muted another, that first pirate will be unable to hear the muted pirate regardless of what channel the muted pirate talks in.