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Franklincain (mundanely known as Franklin W. Cain) is a fleet officer in the crew Midnight Aurora on the Meridian Ocean. He can also be frequently found prowling the forums (under the same name) as well as the wiki.

He greatly enjoys pillages, SMHs, flotillas, and blockades, as well as the occasional fray against various supernatural beasties. In fact, he so enjoys blockades that (in times past) he would occasionally stray over onto other oceans on weekends, when there were no blockades on his home ocean, just to see if there was any "hot, ship-on-ship action" available somewhere else.

He enjoys most of the duty puzzles (all save for Carpentry and Gunnery) as well as most of the crafting puzzles (all but Blacksmithing). He also enjoys Drinking, and he's also been known to engage in an occasional "friendly" game of cards or two (but only in the lower-stakes tables).

He enjoys role-playing, whether in Puzzle Pirates or in other games. He has a quirky (and sometimes dark) sense of humor. He likes to avoid messy political squabbles, like those that often plague the various Parley groups at the Forums. He prefers to associate with like-minded pirates.

While his primary house is a shack on Tigerleaf Mountain, he appears to have an obsession with acquiring additional shacks on every island having them.


In October of 2007, Franklincain washed up onto the shores of Tigerleaf Mountain, in that part of Meridian once known as Viridian. After settling in with the crew Echoes of War, and under the tutelage of more experienced pirates, including Klostro (the crew's captain at that time), Oloto, and Bustergaa, he quickly learned the ropes of being a pirate. Even so, he was humbled and surprised by his promotion to the rank of fleet officer.

Franklincain disappeared for over a year, for most of 2009 and part of 2010. He claims to have explored a strange, alien realm named Azeroth during this absence.

During the summer of 2012, Franklincain finished memorizing both the Onyx and Jade archipelagoes, and started on Garnet. Once he finishes the Viridian side of the world-ocean, he plans to tackle the Malachite side.

Also during that same summer, Franklincain turned his hand to shopkeeping, choosing to open a distillery stall. Unfortunately, this was not all that successful for him, as while he may enjoy crafting in general, he discovered that he was not especially skilled at Distilling. As a result, he was unable to consistently provide his stall with any labor above "basic."

In the latter part of 2012, Echoes of War switched to a more politically-active flag, one which has been at war with one flag or another almost constantly since then. Since Franklincain does not like unrestricted PvP action (i.e.: PvP sinking outside of blockades), this troubled him. So, in 2013, when one of his hearties offered him an officer's post in her crew, he accepted and switched over.

Injuries received (and healed)

Unlike many other pirates, Franklincain does not want any injuries. So it was with some amusement to his crew-mates when he received a peg-leg on his very first trip to Atlantis (which he subsequently healed). Since then, he also received (and healed) an eye-patch during a blockade. Furthermore, during the summer of 2013, he received (and healed) a peg-leg from Atlantis, a hook from the Haunted Seas, and (another) hook from Atlantis.

Achievements and accomplishments


Known/acknowledged "alts"

Franklincain has several "alts" on Meridian as well as on other oceans.

Franklin of Midnight/Cerulean

Franklin is a cabin person in the crew Illumarauders on the Cerulean Ocean.

Franklin washed up onto the shores of the Midnight portion of Cerulean back in late 2007, and he settled down on Oyster Island in the Diamond Archipelago in March of 2008.

Other "alts"...

...And their little rats, too

As each pirate can have a free pet rat, here is a consolidated list of the names given to the pet rats of Franklincain's various "alts."

  • Morsel
  • Ninja
  • Pestiferus Maximus
  • Rodentosaurus Rex
  • Sacrificial Minion
  • Sun Tzu

Forum avatars

These are the various avatars used by Franklin, at the forums as well as at other websites.

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