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Crew Ranks
Icon captain.png Captain
Icon senior officer.png Senior officer
Icon fleet officer.png Fleet officer
Icon officer.png Officer
Icon pirate.png Pirate
Icon cabin person.png Cabin person
Icon jobbing pirate.png Jobbing pirate
For the Captain navy rank, see navy.

Captain is the highest rank a player can have in a crew. Captains generally have either started the crew or were a former officer promoted by the previous captain. On doubloon oceans, captains must also have purchased the appropriate badge. Captains have the power to demote and promote anyone in autocratic crews, change the crew articles, and assign titles to anyone, including themselves. Depending on a crew's booty shares, captains may receive a different share than those of other ranks during booty division.

In autocratic crews, the captain can do just about anything he or she wants. Cabin persons can be promoted to senior officers and vice versa, as well as anything in between.

It is considered difficult to be captain of a crew and takes very hard work and dedication.

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