Meridian Ocean

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Meridian Ocean is one of three oceans released on January 31, 2012. The ocean is a doubloon ocean created through the merger of the Viridian and Malachite Oceans, and open testing lasted from January 9 to January 16, 2012.[1]

The mergers of the English-language oceans were hinted at on December 7, 2011, when the "Intrepid Explorer" Velasco Thorsson posted his journals on the Hear Ye! Announcements forum. The mergers were subsequently announced the next day by Hermes. On the same day, voting on the new oceans' names opened to the general public, who voted on the name "Cerulean" for the new subscription ocean, "Emerald" for the Sage/Hunter merger, and "Meridian" for the Viridian/Malachite merger.

Several pirates have memorized all of Meridian's routes[2].


Meridian has one hundred and nine islands divided among eleven archipelagos. There are forty-five colonized islands. The area that comprises the former Viridian Ocean has the same geography as the former Cobalt Ocean and the late Crimson Ocean.

Basilisk Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Black Ogopogo Outpost
Kithara Koro Outpost
Marmara Odonata* Large
Mirovia Island Medium
Rheic Island Medium
Sargasso Island Medium
Tasman Reef Outpost
Tethys Island Medium
Zechstein Island Outpost
Chameleon Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Ebony Serpent Medium
Ivorite Island Medium
Lilac Island^ Outpost
Draco Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Alicorn Island* Large
Cetus Island Outpost
Ichor Island Medium
Seirene Island Medium
Spizzwink Island Outpost
Striga Cay Outpost
Taniwha Island Outpost
Threewood Island Outpost
Wyvern Island Outpost
Xana's Trummet Medium
Garnet Archipelago Chart star red.png
Carmine Island^ Medium
Cochineal Island^ Medium
Crimson Island* Outpost
Diastrophe Island Outpost
Echo Island Outpost
Havoc Island^ Outpost
Jubilee Island^ Large
Mermaid's Purse Large
Moab Island^ Outpost
Napi Peak^ Large
Nova Island Outpost
Olin's Brow Medium
Pranayama Island Medium
Radix Island Large
Spectre Island^ Outpost
Stormy Fell^ Large
Surtsey Island^ Outpost
Windward Vale^ Medium
Gila Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Acanthaster Spits^ Medium
Akhlys Island^ Outpost
Cinnabarite Island Outpost
Eitr Glacier Medium
Fugu Island^ Medium
Mu Tambu* Large
Nightshade Island^ Medium
Scorpion Island Outpost
Viper's Drop Outpost
Iguana Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Emerald Ocarina Outpost
Murex Island Medium
Woad Island Medium
Jade Archipelago Chart star green.png
Conglin Island^ Outpost
Corona Reef^ Outpost
Dendrite Island^ Outpost
Dragon's Nest^ Large
Erh Island Outpost
Harmattan Island^ Medium
Hunter's Point Medium
Kirin Island^ Large
Lima Island^ Large
Lonelywood Lagoon Outpost
Olive Island*^ Medium
Prolix Purlieu^ Medium
Sakejima Island^ Large
Swampfen Island^ Medium
Terra Island^ Large
Typhoon Island^ Outpost
Viridis Island^ Outpost
Xian Rock Outpost
Komodo Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Arcadia Island Outpost
Buyan's Vortice Outpost
Celesta Isle^ Medium
Drogeo Island^ Medium
Duat Island^ Outpost
Flyaway Island* Large
Midgard Island Medium
Mu Abtu Medium
Zuyua Mist^ Outpost
Lacerta Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Barracuda Island^ Medium
Cenote Island Outpost
Chelydra Cove^ Medium
Chrysalis Island^ Medium
Cornet Island Outpost
Morgan Island* Large
Saltstraum Rock^ Medium
Sconce Isle Outpost
Stalwart Reef Outpost
Onyx Archipelago Chart star black.png
Adder Ridge Outpost
Ansel Island^ Outpost
Cabo de Hornos Large
Charcoal Island* Large
Cormorant Island Medium
Fintan Island^ Large
Garden Cradle^ Medium
Hadrian Island^ Large
Kuhio Island Medium
Labyrinth Moors^ Large
Last Stand Hill Outpost
Oasis Island Medium
Polaris Point^ Outpost
Raven's Roost^ Outpost
Sapling Island Outpost
Tigerleaf Mountain^ Large
Whistler Island Outpost
Yax Mutal Outpost
Whiptail Archipelago Chart star orange.png
Brunneria Borealis Outpost
Granuaile Medium
Yemaya Medium

* - denotes capital
^ - denotes colonized

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