Tigerleaf Mountain (Meridian)

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Tigerleaf Mountain
Favicon.png Tigerleaf Mountain on the Meridian Ocean
Large island in the Onyx Archipelago
Tigerleaf Mountain (Meridian).png

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Controlled by   Imperial Coalition  
Governed by   Monlizzy
Navy color   Red
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Tigerleaf Mountain is a large island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Fintan Island, Cabo de Hornos, and an inter-archipelago route to Dragon's Nest in the Jade Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns iron, madder, and stone. They can be bid at the market.


Munchkin Whiskers (bazaar)
Lynx Potions (upgraded)
Purrfect Potions (upgraded)
Secret Affair (upgraded)
White Tiger (upgraded)
Owl and the Pussycat (explorers' hall)
Part of Your World (trading post)
Alpenglow Repository (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Tigerleaf Trading Post (upgraded)
Saucer of Milk 'n Rum (bazaar)
Burning Brewery (upgraded)
Distill of the Night
Feisty Spirits (upgraded)
Grrrroggy (upgraded)
Hakuna Matata (upgraded)
Happy Little Boozer (upgraded)
Mountain Lion Moonshine (upgraded)
Thunderbrew (upgraded)
Tiger Brew (upgraded)
Wildcat Whiskey (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Bobcat (upgraded)
Couching Tiger (bazaar)
Feline Furnishers (upgraded)
Fur-Nished (upgraded)
Purr-Fectly Furr-Nished
Bengalow (right-facing bungalow)
BoomShackaLacka (right-facing shack)
Cattages (left-facing cottage)
The Cat's Meow (right-facing mansion)
Egyptian Mau (left-facing estate)
House of Thunder (right-facing villa)
Life's A Beach (right-facing townhouse)
Liger Lodges (left-facing cabin)
Midnight Alcazar (right-facing manor)
Row Me Home (right-facing row house)
The Tigers Den (right-facing pirate hall)
Sword in the Stone (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Iron Tiger (bazaar)
Balls of Lego (upgraded)
Barbed Thunderbolt (upgraded)
Big Balls And Little Swords (upgraded)
Black Cougar (upgraded)
Black Pearl (upgraded)
Claws (upgraded)
Furr Balls (upgraded)
Going Ballistic (upgraded)
Iron Nuts
Iron Paw (upgraded)
Molten (upgraded)
Poke Balls (upgraded)
Poor Parrot's Shot Shoppe (upgraded)
Royal Blades and Balls (upgraded)
Shoot Slice and Dice (upgraded)
Tasmanian Tiger (upgraded)
Wildcat Welders (upgraded)
Eye of the Tiger (upgraded)
Puss in Ships (bazaar)
Aqua Delight (upgraded)
Big Masts (upgraded)
Boat Floats (upgraded)
Friggin Thundercats (upgraded)
Leos Lifeboats (upgraded)
Ship Shop (upgraded)
Ships Ahoy (upgraded)
What the Fleet (upgraded)
The Cat's Pyjamas (bazaar)
The Catwalk (upgraded)
Censational Suits (upgraded)
Cheap Suits (upgraded)
Clothe The Beast (upgraded)
Curse of the Tailor (upgraded)
Feline Finery (upgraded)
Needle and the Thread (upgraded)
Pawsitively Everything (upgraded)
Purrty Clothes (upgraded)
Sea Queen's Clothing (upgraded)
Sew Fabulous (upgraded)
You Look Good In My Shirt (upgraded)
Montagna Della Tigrefoglio Copre (bazaar)
Clawths (upgraded)
Colors of the Wind (upgraded)
Mountains of Cloth (upgraded)
Perception (upgraded)
The Silver Lining (upgraded)
Weave It To Me (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
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Anchors Away (upgraded shipyard)
Black Cat Potions (upgraded apothecary)
Booty Haul (upgraded shipyard)
Brigs, Frigs, & Pigs (upgraded shipyard)
Caress of Steel (upgraded iron monger)
Cat in the Hat (trading post)
Cat Me Some Slack (upgraded iron monger)
Chart Me to the Kittens (explorers' hall)
Cinnabar Clothing Company (upgraded tailor)
Copycat (upgraded iron monger)
Cotton Balls (upgraded tailor)
Cursed Cutters (upgraded shipyard)
Cursed Threads (upgraded tailor)
Da Vinci Clothes (upgraded tailor)
Decorium (upgraded furnisher)
Dhow'n and Dirty (upgraded shipyard)
The Epic Anvil (upgraded iron monger)
Eye of the Tiger (upgraded distillery)
Feline Frigs (upgraded shipyard)
Finicky Furniture (upgraded furnisher)
Frisky Whiskey (upgraded distillery)
Fuchsia Fibers and Fabrics (upgraded weavery)
Golden Collar (upgraded iron monger)
Golden Hammer (upgraded iron monger)
Grand Friggin' Ships (upgraded shipyard)
Growling Cat Alehouse (distillery)
High Taxes (upgraded iron monger)
Home Improvement (upgraded furnisher)
Hunting Sea Otters Dock (upgraded shipyard)
Hunting Sea Otters Rags (upgraded tailor)
Hunting Sea Otters Sails (upgraded weavery)
Hunting Sea Otters Smithy (upgraded iron monger)
Imperial Excursions (explorers' hall)
Imperial Ocelots (explorers' hall)
Imperial Outfitters (trading post)
Iron Fang (upgraded iron monger)
The Iron Fist (upgraded iron monger)
Iron Lion (upgraded iron monger)
Iron Man (upgraded iron monger)
Irons Roar (upgraded iron monger)
Jinxed Bed Post (upgraded furnisher)
Junk In The Trunk (black market)
Junk in My Trunk II (trading post)
Lacoste (tailor)
Leopard Lagers (upgraded distillery)
Leopard Prints (upgraded weavery)
Loominates (upgraded weavery)
Making Memories (upgraded shipyard)
Marquis Ships (upgraded shipyard)
Moe Rum Please (upgraded distillery)
Montanic Metals (upgraded iron monger)
Narcissistic Aristocats (upgraded tailor)
The Naughty Shipmaster (upgraded shipyard)
One Last Shot (upgraded iron monger)
Outlet of Irony (upgraded iron monger)
Owl and the Pussycat (explorers' hall)
Painting the Roses White (apothecary)
Patented Patterns (upgraded weavery)
Potions of Wrath (upgraded apothecary)
Puma Blades (upgraded iron monger)
Rude Rum (upgraded distillery)
Sabertooth (upgraded iron monger)
Sea Monster Clothes (tailor)
Serendip Sorcery (upgraded apothecary)
Shiny House of Gaud in Acrylics (apothecary)
Ship Happens (upgraded shipyard)
Ships and Whips (upgraded shipyard)
Ships R Us (upgraded shipyard)
Shooters (upgraded iron monger)
Slack Tongue Clinic (iron monger)
Suits and Boots (upgraded)
Tainted War Kittens (upgraded shipyard)
Thor's Hammer (upgraded iron monger)
Tide Me Up (upgraded shipyard)
Tight Fit (upgraded tailor)
Tugs and Thugs (upgraded shipyard)
Venture Industries (upgraded furnisher)
Vessels of Valhalla (upgraded shipyard)
Vulcan's Grotto (upgraded iron monger)
We Got Swagger (upgraded tailor)
Wicked Witch's Potions (apothecary)
Yarn Balls (upgraded weavery)


Tigerleaf Mountain was originally located on the Viridian Ocean. A tree near the northeastern rock area reads, "This island were fashioned by Sadiekate."

The Tigerleaf Mountain market was created shortly after the ocean opened.

On 2005-11-4, the island became home to the Onyx Greeting Association, an unofficial greeting group.


Tigerleaf Mountain was the first island to open up to blockades outside the Jade Archipelago.

Tigerleaf I - 2005-09-17, Imperial Coalition won Tigerleaf Mountain after three rounds against the flag Requiem. For rounds two and three, Requiem focused solely on sinking Imperial Coalition ships.

Tigerleaf II - 2005-09-24, Imperial Coalition defended Tigerleaf Mountain after three rounds in a non-sinking blockade against the flag Requiem. Rounds 1 and 2 were very close and went to Imperial Coalition with slim margins of victory. Requiem did not seriously contest the island in round 3 due to a lack of sufficient manpower.

Tigerleaf III - 2005-10-02 Imperial Coalition defended Tigerleaf Mountain after three rounds in a non-sinking blockade against the flag Infierno De los Diablos. This was a practice blockade of sorts for Infierno De los Diablos. They attacked in the first round with two war frigates, two war brigs, and sloops. In the second round, they only used sloops. It was an experiment to see just how effective sloops would be in a blockade and to get some battle navigation experience for the navigators. The third round was changed slightly with the introduction of a few war brigs.

Tigerleaf IV - 2007-08-25, Imperial Coalition successfully defended Tigerleaf Mountain from The All-Consuming Flame, the flag of the Brigand King Azarbad the Great, in a three round sinking blockade. Azarbad's forces were rated at a strength of 20. During Round 1, the blockade bug that causes ships to lose connectivity between a ship's puzzles and a ship's cabilities struck. This allowed ships from both Imperial Coalition and The All-Consuming Flame to stall with damage and bilge rising and lead to several ships being sunk. The problem was corrected during the round and the blockade continued without further mishap.

Tigerleaf V - 2008-07-06, Imperial Coalition successfully defended the island from Post Mortem and Look At Me - I'm God in a three-round sinking blockade. Look At Me - I'm God pulled out after Round 2 and Post Mortem lost around 14 Vessels.

Tigerleaf VI - 2008-07-13, Imperial Coalition successfully defended Tigerleaf Mountain from Look At Me - I'm God in a three-round sinking blockade. The contender pulled out after Round 2.

Tigerleaf VII - 2008-07-20, Look At Me - I'm God took Tigerleaf Mountain from Imperial Coalition in a three-round sinking blockade. Imperial Coalition pulled out after Round 1. Look At Me - I'm God became the first flag to blockade the same island against the same defenders 3 times in a row on back to back to back weekends.

Tigerleaf VIII - 2009-01-18, the Brigand King flag, Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness, took the island in a three-round blockade. The blockade was provoked by a scuttle, and Look At Me - I'm God did not defend.

Tigerleaf IX - 2009-01-24, Sea Wrath took the island from the Admiral Finius in a three-round sinking blockade.

Tigerleaf X - 2009-03-21, Sea Wrath successfully defend Tigerleaf Mountain from Vanguard in a three-round non-sinking blockade. Tainted Purity defended on behalf of Sea Wrath.

Tigerleaf XXII - 2010-11-14, Legacy captured Tigerleaf Mountain from Chthonic Horde in a three-round sinking blockade.