The Syndicate

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The Syndicate at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Iniquity of Whatever Floats Yer Boat
Member crew(s) Whatever Floats Yer Boat
Organization Oligarchic
Disbanded as of 25 May, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

The Syndicate is a defunct flag on the Viridian Ocean. It was founded on January 2, 2006. The flag has disbanded.

Public statement

Gotta have more cowbells baby!


The Syndicate was founded on January 2nd, 2006, by Rhia, Rayn, Ochubb and Macgreggor. Those four mates were experienced players, that all had been royals in a major flag before and had a vision of what they wanted now as a flag.

The Mercenaries Period
As first, The Syndicate was concentrating on getting bigger and stronger and participated as an ally in as many blockades as they could. They helped Synergy at Olive IX, Infierno De Los Diablos at Terra V, Shadow Company at Viridis IX, Choking Hazard at Ansel I and Synergy at Olive X at the same time. The Syndicate got a lot of experience from all those participations and it was time for a little bit of more personal actions.

The Black Period
At this moment, Calais came to The Syndicate and asked for the possibility to attack Terra. An agreement was made with him and the heads of the flag and led to a successful but controversial blockade. This blockade provoked a lot of internal tension within the flag and led to a split, Ocean Generals leaving with Calais, Ochubb and Djbuddy (that were all royals at that time), and on the other side, Rhia and Macgreggor stayed within The Syndicate, creating a new crew with the help of their friends Mergen and Freeze. This crew was bound to become the new foundation of The Syndicate: Ryujin Corsairs.

The Rebirth
Working on building a new crew, and with the help of a few crews that stayed loyal to them, Rhia, Macgreggor and Freeze put the foundation of a new flag. In the space of a week, they regrew to about 700 members and while they were wondering what life would bring to them, the opportunity to blockade Olive was presented to them. After a convincing win, Olive was now in their hands and they are now working on bringing Olive to its former glory to make it the nice place it used to be. The Syndicate is also still learning to work as a group, and intend to become an established and respected flag in Viridian.

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