Viridian Ocean

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The Viridian Ocean was the first doubloon ocean. There are three archipelagos, each with eighteen islands, 5 large, 5 medium, (with the exception of Onyx) and 8 outposts for a total of fifty-four islands. It has the same geography as the Cobalt and Crimson Oceans. Viridian, along with the Malachite Ocean was merged into the Meridian Ocean on 31 Jan 2012.


Garnet Archipelago Chart star red.png
Carmine Island^ Medium
Cochineal Island^ Medium
Crimson Island* Outpost
Diastrophe Island Outpost
Echo Island Outpost
Havoc Island^ Outpost
Jubilee Island^ Large
Mermaid's Purse Large
Moab Island^ Outpost
Napi Peak^ Large
Nova Island Outpost
Olin's Brow Medium
Pranayama Island Medium
Radix Island Large
Spectre Island^ Outpost
Stormy Fell^ Large
Surtsey Island^ Outpost
Windward Vale^ Medium
Jade Archipelago Chart star green.png
Conglin Island^ Outpost
Corona Reef^ Outpost
Dendrite Island^ Outpost
Dragon's Nest^ Large
Erh Island Outpost
Harmattan Island^ Medium
Hunter's Point Medium
Kirin Island^ Large
Lima Island^ Large
Lonelywood Lagoon Outpost
Olive Island*^ Medium
Prolix Purlieu^ Medium
Sakejima Island^ Large
Swampfen Island^ Medium
Terra Island^ Large
Typhoon Island^ Outpost
Viridis Island^ Outpost
Xian Rock Outpost
Onyx Archipelago Chart star black.png
Adder Ridge Outpost
Ansel Island^ Outpost
Cabo de Hornos Large
Charcoal Island* Large
Cormorant Island Medium
Fintan Island^ Large
Garden Cradle^ Medium
Hadrian Island^ Large
Kuhio Island Medium
Labyrinth Moors^ Large
Last Stand Hill Outpost
Oasis Island Medium
Polaris Point^ Outpost
Raven's Roost^ Outpost
Sapling Island Outpost
Tigerleaf Mountain^ Large
Whistler Island Outpost
Yax Mutal Outpost

* - denotes capital
^ - denotes colonized

Ocean History

Viridian was the first doubloon ocean opened, as much as an experiment as anything, announced on 2005-02-18 [1]].

There is a brief Viridian blockade history.

Before the opening of Cobalt and Viridian, people knew that the Ringers were adding at least one new ocean. Most assumed that it would be only one ocean, a doubloon ocean called Cobalt. However, Three Rings decided to put up Cobalt as a subscription ocean, and made Viridian, a second ocean, which would use the new doubloon system.

When Cobalt and Viridian first opened up, most players focused on conquering Cobalt. There were severe spamming problems at the opening of these oceans, as nobody had the ability to blackspot, nor did they have do not disturb, and people could shout in public. Cobalt exploded open while Viridian was mostly ignored by experienced players, as they did not see the advantage to buying doubloons. Hence, Cobalt players were the first to attempt a blockade.

However, as the Cobalt blockade history shows, the Ringers defended completely, which deterred Viridian blockades. Cobalt grew less in popularity, and some of the key conquerers of Cobalt returned to Midnight. However, most Viridian players had started out on that ocean and had no reason to leave. Viridian continued to grow in popularity and maintain a higher population compared to other oceans, due primarily to the doubloon system.

Viridian was very popular with international players. Players who logged in at off-peak times had a better chance of finding more activity than on other oceans.

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