Regnum Irae

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Regnum Irae at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Mergen of Ira Deorum
Member crew(s) Attack Us, Carnage, Demon Cleaner, The Devil's Own, Essence of War, Gutshot Straights, Ira Deorum, Lost But Not Forgotten, Pirates of Poker, Sapphire Eyes, Shades of Evil, Shell Shock, Shiro Tagachi, State of Denial, Ugly Mudsuckers
Founded 16 December, 2005
Dormant as of 2 March, 2012
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Regnum Irae is currelty a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean. Currently the flag is mostly inactive.


Regnum Irae was founded on December 16, 2005 in the Viridian Ocean by Noquarter and Firstblood. Recently the leadership of RI has taken a new direction under the leadership of Imbroglio. In June of 2006, shortly after the flag Requiem announced its retirement, the majority of its crews changed flags over to Regnum Irae and Maharet, Scupperer, and Janesley all joined the existing Royal Court. Later that month, Macgreggor brought the Ryujin Corsairs (now Requiem) to the flag, and became the seventh royal of its court.

Royal court

Regnum Irae refers to their Royal Court as the "Magnificent Nine", an aristocratic oligarchy; all decisions are made by consensus, therefore eliminating the need for a monarch. In times of active war, the flag transitions over to a 6 member royalty to prioritize votes quickly and the remaining members become part of the Shadow Court. Over time, people have come and gone, enjoying both fame and infamy:

War Court:

Shadow Court:

Retired, or semi-retired :

No longer in the flag:

Public statement

Ahoy mates - Welcome to Regnum Irae

~~Please feel free to approach any royal with questions you may have.

Alliance Policy

We are not accepting any alliances at this time.

On our side we will always offer skilled support and jobbers. Often, we will also help by offering ships, supplies and transporting/floating on a case by case basis.

We expect nothing from our allies except jobber help. Skilled Navigators, XOs, coordinators and jobbing contacts are welcomed, depending on what we need.

If two of our allies or enemies are fighting, our official flag position will remain neutral with flag members free to help whichever side they desire. This policy may extend to royals as well.

Member Crews

We accept all willing crews. This flag is often at war, please keep this in mind.

Crews are encouraged to ask over flag chat when pillaging in case some crews are not to keep everyone busy and puzzling in flag.

Royal Policy

Royalty at this time is fixed. Addition of royalty is at the sole discretion of the existing court. We will not be adding royals as an incentive for your crew to join the flag.

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