Olive Island (Viridian)

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Olive Island
Favicon.png Olive Island on the Viridian Ocean
Medium island in the Jade Archipelago
Olive Island (Viridian).png

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Controlled by   Pay for Play  
Governed by   Tryharder (Last known)
Navy color   Grey
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Olive Island is a medium island located in the Jade Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Hunter's Point, Swampfen Island, and Dendrite Island.

Natural resources

This island spawns iron, stone, and weld.


Bogan Mozzie (black market)
Scuttle Funds (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Vendor Bender (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Bloody Mary's Bricklayers (upgraded)
Moonlight Oasis (left-facing pirate hall)
Sin City (left-facing estate)
Cosmopolit Inn
Iron monger 
Olive Foils (bazaar)
MOON BALLZ (upgraded)
Pimento (upgraded)
Vests on the Beach (bazaar)
The Grandiose Warehouse (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
At the Vanguard of Fashion (upgraded tailor)
Fire Sale (upgraded tailor)
Kashmir (black market)
Zip It (upgraded tailor)


Olive is currently controlled by Pay for Play.


A chest on the western dock reads, "This island were fashioned by Weaver."

Moros de Mindanao Period

2005-04-16 to 2005-07-03

On April 16, 2005, Olive Island became the first island to be opened in the Viridian Ocean. Moros de Mindanao (MdM), one of the largest flags at the time of the island's opening, quickly won initial control of Olive in a three-round blockade. Once claimed, MdM began building up the island.

Moros de Mindanao sought to make Olive a shopper's destination by building several bazaars: a tailor, an iron monger, and a shipyard. Since Olive is a medium island, it is only able to support four shoppes, including bazaars. To begin building war frigates, a shipyard shoppe, Dry Seas, was also opened. The tailor bazaar garnered relatively few stalls, although the tailors who did establish themselves there did so with great success, making Olive the shopping destination that it was originally intended. With a demand for rum on Olive, the rum export market on nearby Dragon's Nest thrived.

During MdM's reign, the island was attacked three times; the island was successfully defended twice, first on April 23, 2005 against Fear and Loathing during a declared practice blockade, and again on June 18, 2005 against Scuppering Seven Seas.

Fear and Loathing Period

2005-07-03 to 2005-11-20

On July 3, 2005, Fear and Loathing took control of Olive Island from Moros de Mindanao in a three-round blockade.

A bug where the deeds ceased to exist for the bazaars and infrastructure buildings was encountered, although ownership was transferred immediately to Subliminal. As nobody knew that the bug zapped the deeds, the missing deeds caused some conflict and confusion. A few days after the changeover blockade, Peghead the developer temporarily set himself as governor to debug the building deed problem. Peghead was unable to immediately return the governorship to Subliminal after the test, since Subliminal was unavailable[1]; upon Subliminal's return, Fear and Loathing's royalty restored him to the governorship. It was only at this time that Subliminal gained the deeds to the buildings.

In an attempt to convince the tailors to relocate to Dragon's Nest, taxes were raised to 100%. An offer of 60k PoE plus cloth to restock the new stall was made. This was an effort to remove the tailor bazaar to make room for an apothecary bazaar. This policy was later rescinded, and cloth was offered for sale from the palace to the tailors and shipbuilders.

Blockade history

Olive I: 2005-04-16, Moros de Mindanao takes control of Olive after the first blockade on the Viridian Ocean. This sinking blockade lasted 3 rounds and was also contended by Blue Rogues.

Olive II: 2005-04-23, Moros de Mindanao sucessfully defends Olive from Fear and Loathing. This particular non-sinking blockade was declared as a practice blockade to give players a chance to practice blockade battle navigation.

Olive III: 2005-06-18, Moros de Mindanao again successfully defends Olive in a non-sinking blockade lasting 3 rounds. On this occasion Scuppering Seven Seas was the contender for the island.

Olive IV: 2005-07-03, In this sinking blockade that lasted three rounds, control of the island passed to Fear and Loathing. Moros de Mindanao's decline as a flag greatly contributed to their inability to maintain control this island.

Olive V: 2005-10-30, Fear and Loathing defends Olive in a three round sinking blockade against Von Grey.

Olive VI: 2005-11-20, The Borg took the island from Fear and Loathing in a four round sinking blockade. Fear and Loathing did not contend at all, as they had merged with "The Borg". Synergy was also a contender.

The Borg changed their name back to Scuppering Seven Seas, retaining control of Olive Island (date is unknown).

Olive VII: 2005-12-10, Von Grey took control of Olive from Scuppering Seven Seas in a three round non-sinking blockade. Scuppering Seven Seas reciprocated the war declaration the day after the blockade.

Olive VIII: 2005-12-18, Synergy took control of Olive from Von Grey in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Olive IX: 2006-01-15, -'Star Explorers'- attacked Olive, but the blockade was halted midway through round one by the Ocean Masters because the contenders failed to show.

Olive X: 2006-02-11, Synergy defended the island against Black Gods and -'Star Explorers'- in a three rounded non-sinking blockade.

Olive XI: 2006-02-18, Knights of the Crown and Deadly Reunion attacked Olive together, Knights of the Crown won in a 3 round sinking blockade. Olive became the first island to be blockaded eleven times.

Olive XII: 2006-03-26, Knights of the Crown lost Olive to The Syndicate. Olive became the first island to be blockaded twelve times. Knights of the Crown reciprocated both declarations of war (to Paradise and The Syndicate), which made rounds 2 and 3 sinking.

Olive XIII: 2006-07-18, The Syndicate lost the island to Vanguard in a 3 round sinking blockade.

Olive XIV: 2006-10-14, Vanguard lost Olive to Shadow Knights in a 3 round sinking blockade. At the same time, Cochineal III, Kirin VII, Napi IV, and Terra IX were running.

Olive XV: 2006-10-22, Vanguard successfully reclaimed Olive from Shadow Nights in a 3 round sinking blockade.

On 2007-08-27, Vanguard transfered Olive to Collateral Damage. (Intent forum thread.)

Olive XVI: 2007-10-28, Vanguard won back Olive from Collateral Damage in a 3 round non-sinking blockade. The island was sold to United We Stand, days before the blockade, who defended the island instead of Collateral Damage.

Olive XVII: 2008-01-19, Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness (Admiral Finius) attacked but Vanguard successfully defended.

Olive XVIII: 2008-08-24, Jinx attacked Olive in a 5 round blockade. Jinx was fully defeated in round 5.

Olive XIX: 2008-12-20, United We Stand attacked Olive, but Vanguard successfully defended in a 3 round blockade, in which United We Stand pulled out after round 2

Olive XX: 2009-03-21, Tainted Purity attacked but didnt contest rounds 1 and 2 of the 3 round blockade. This was the day where 15 islands were blockaded on Viridian, the most on any ocean.

Olive XXI: 2009-03-28, Tainted Purity attacked and won 2 out of 3 rounds

2009-04-05, Tainted Purity transferred Olive Island to Sea Wrath.

2009-05-02, Sea Wrath transferred Olive Island to Vanguard.

Olive XXII: 2009-07-11, Blue Mooners Inc attacked in a 3 round blockade, but Olive was successfully defended. Pay war went up to 5.5k/seg.

2009-10-19, Vanguard transferred Olive Island to Post Mortem. This was the Grand prize for Vanguard's Wheel Barrowing Event.

Olive XXIII: 2009-10-31, The First Fleet attacked in a 3 round blockade and won the island from Post Mortem. Round two was played with sudden-death for 4 turns.

Olive XXIV: 2010-01-16, What A Ride attacked in a 5 round blockade, but Olive was successfully defended.

Olive XXV: 2010-02-27, Moonshine attacked in a 5 round blockade and won the island from The First Fleet. Pay war went up to 4K/seg.

Olive XXVI: 2010-06-19, Insanely Uncooperative attacked in a 3 round blockade, but Moonshine successfully defended.

Olive XXXIII: 2011-05-28, Legacy took the island from Black Veil in a 3 round blockade.

Olive XXXIV: 20011-10-23, Puzzleholics Anonymous took the island from Legacy in a 3 round blockade.