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Not to be confused with Pay To Play, a former flag, which was founded in 2014 on the Meridian Ocean.
Pay for Play at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Rudebwoi of Olympus
Member crew(s) Angstfrei, The Army, Army of Darkness, Big Green Buds, The Birds, Blue Wings, Cataclysm, Delusional Escapism, Devil's Playground, Life in Technicolor, Nocebo, Olympus, Pass the Vodka, Pretty Princess, Prodigy, Simply Addicted, Smugglers Dream, Spread 'em, Vicious or Delicious
Founded 22 March, 2005
Mostly dormant as of 29 February, 2012
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Pay for Play is the oldest active flag on the Meridian Ocean to date, excluding Narya. She was founded in the year 2005 on March 22nd on Viridian. This flag is currently mostly dormant.

Public statement

Pay for Play is not looking to join any of the current alliances. Contact a Royal regarding prices for sinking ships and/or fighting in blockades.

Extended public statement

Caught ya peaking at the New Best Old Thing!!!

FIRSTLY!!!!! P4P Flag chat can sometimes be rather Adult, if this offends you, please stay away!!

If you would like to discuss a Pay for Play crew invite , please feel free to contact any available royal who will put asside some time to talk with you regarding the matter. But please note, if you dont like the way we do things as a flag, you sure wont like to be under our flag.

Each Crew who joins will nominate a crew member to be Titled. Royalty is earned and is rewarded at the discretion of the current Royals.

P4P does not participate in the "Do Not PvP Allies" unwritten rule.

For five years Pay for Play has maintained a traditional set of values. These values have guided us to friendship, victory, and fun. The Pay for Play values are reflected by each member of the flag on three different levels: as a flagmate, a crewmate and an individual.

  1. Family: Respect all flagmates and treat them as family. We all united under the same banner, and we share the common goals of friendship, victory, and fun.
  2. Honor: Win and lose graciously. Recognize and take responsibility for your mistakes. Pay for Play strictly adheres to the rules of the game and does not take shortcuts. This is a diplomatic flag that does not trashtalk or use poor tactics.
  3. Pride: Go into battle with dignity, knowing that the flag and its values are behind you. Strive for your best, and be proud of our accomplishments. Be assured that in this flag your talents never go unnoticed.
  4. Leadership: Good leaders know when to follow orders and when to take control of a situation. They always work towards the betterment of the flag. As an ambassador to the flag, the crew, and yourself, it is important that you reflect these values, which have been passed down through generations of pirates.

P4P Grandious Flag Hall is located at Tears Of Neptune on Kirin Island.


First created by Poesink to house the crew Mercenaries, Pay for Play set itself apart by fighting many wars as a mercenary force, with a note in the public statement to contact Poesink for prices for sinking ships and/or fighting in blockades. To quote the statement, potential customers needed not worry as the players for hire "never lose". Many players from the flag Pirates Gone Wild joined at a later date, including the entire crew of Port Authority. Upon joining the flag as members of Mercenaries, Tristan and Cyndiepet became royalty, attempting to give Pay for Play a new image as a more easily approached flag. The mercenary aspect of the flag has been less obvious since the new leadership has taken charge.

Pay for Play is now in its third generation of leadership with Rudebwoi at the helm. Rudebwoi joined Pay for Play when he first started playing, and he was then captain of the crew Reality. Over time he was made Royal, and he was trained and guided by Cyndiepet and Tristan. They handed all of their knowledge over to him in preparation for their retirement from the political arena. In October 2007, Cyndiepet and Tristan retired from leadership and handed over the flags reign to Rudebwoi. He is aided by his royals and close friends, Deradactyl (long time royal) and Ryannakjk.

Pay for Play is finally active again after an extended political break from the ocean. During the period of hibernation, Deradactyl became the caretaker monarch, Ryannakjk moved on to her own flag to escape the daily political onslaught, and Rudebwoi spent some time aiding his close friends with the formation of a new flag, Tainted Purity, for the duration of Pay for Plays political hibernation. It was a chance for him to still participate with Puzzle Pirates whilst his real life situation changed.

Alcoholic Cats

The Alcoholic Cats are pets affiliated with flag.

List of cats and owners

Contributions and accomplishments

Both Guinness and Fosters have been dockside pets on Labyrinth Moors while Brisky was governor in Imperial Coalition.

Blockade history (20-5)

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 18 June 2005 Conglin I Attacking Yes None vs. Pay for Play, 3:0 Won island
2 25 June 2005 Conglin II Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. Royal Empire, 3:0 Defended island
3 16 July 2005 Corona I Attacking Yes None vs. Pay for Play, Shadow Company, Fear and Loathing 3:1:0 Won island
4 28 August 2005 Kirin IV I Attacking No Inferno De los Diablos vs. Pay for Play 2:3 Won island
5 11 September 2005 Corona II Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The Incredibles, 3:0 Defended island
6 24 september 2005 Corona III Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. Navy of the Dead, 0:0 Defended island
7 3 December 2005 Corona IV Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The Borg, 3:0 Defended island
8 3 December 2005 Prolix III Attacking Yes The Borg vs. Pay for Play, 3:0 Didn't win island
9 3 December 2005 Kirin V Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The Borg, 3:2 Defended island
10 3 December 2005 Conglin III Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The Borg, 3:2 Defended island
11 3 December 2005 Viridis VII Attacking Yes The Borg vs. Shadow Company, Pay for Play 2:3:0 Didn't win island
12 15 January 2006 Kirin VI Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. -'Star Explorers'-, 3:0 Defended island
13 28 January 2006 Fintan I Attacking Yes None vs. Pay for Play, 3:0 Won island
14 9 September 2006 Typhoon IV Attacking Yes Chocolate vs. Pay for Play, El Cazador, Rowboat Renegades, Eclipse, Shadowknights, Chaos, Pirates Revenge 0:3:1:0:0:0:0:0 Won island
15 14 October 2006 Kirin VII Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. Antheas, 3:0 Defended island
16 15 October 2006 Polaris II Attacking Yes Brotherhood w-o Banners vs. Pay for Play, Vanguard 0:3:0 Won island
17 29 October 2006 Harmattan IX Attacking Yes Antheas vs. Cry Havoc, Pay for Play 3:2:0 Didn't win island
18 7 July 2007 Surtsey V Attacking Yes The Force vs. Pay for Play, 0:3 Won island
19 6 October 2007 Polaris III Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. Black Veil (BK), 3:0 Defended island
20 6 January 2008 Kirin VIII Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The Enlightened (BK), 3:0 Defended island
21 17 February 2008 Kirin IX Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The All-Consuming Flame (BK), 3:0 Defended island
22 8 March 2008 Fintan II Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. Jinx (BK), 3:2 Defended island
23 1 June 2008 Kirin X Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. The All-Consuming Flame (BK), 3:2 Defended island
24 8 June 2008 Fintan III Defending Yes Pay for Play vs. Sea Change, Get Off My Lawn 0:3:0 Lost island
25 15 June 2008 Kirin XI Defending No Pay for Play vs. RiddleMakers, Vanguard, 0:3:1 Lost island

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