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This article is about the flag Paradise on the Viridian Ocean. For the Hunter Ocean flag, see Paradise (Hunter).
Paradise at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Capnconn of Wrath Of The Dragons
Member crew(s) Dragon's Clan, Wrath Of The Dragons
Founded 17 February, 2006
Dormant as of 17 October, 2016
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Paradise is a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean.


Paradise was founded on February 17th 2006 by Evian. It was started by the monarch and a few of his friends, with an aspiration to start a new legacy and to meet new friends.

Paradise kept itself quiet for most of the time. A decision to pull out of an Olive Blockade, originally designed for a party blockade as a leaving ceremony, turned sour. Since then Paradises' name became known but has tried to keep quiet, behind the scenes. Assisting in the capture and retention of Napi Peak by Requiem.

When Redbrdterry decided to set sail for bigger and better things, Snakey of Dragon's Clan agreed to take over the throne in an attempt to grow the new flag even further, to achieve the ambitions and legacy of Evian, and to take it the step further and prove to the Ocean, that he too is talented and well respected.

When Snakey decided to move on from puzzling and pillaging he handed the flag down to the next in-line, Jakeeds of Norfolk Line who took the flag to a whole new level, but when Jakeeds decided to step aside, Capnconn of Wrath Of The Dragons took control of the flag and remains the monarch of the flag today.

Paradise will stay strong and true.


Paradise so far, have not coordinated their own deliberate Blockade, but have participated in a leaving ceremony blockade, and in jobbing support for Requiem for Napi Peak.

Public statement

Paradise, the only place where friends are true, pillaging is constant, poe is ripe, and the queen auctions herself off as a slave. No place like Home!!

Extended public statement

so you may have noticed paradise isnt as good as it was a few months back... Im trying to get it back to eminent like it was so if youd like to join paradise ask we wont say no :)

So many clichés can be used to talk about Paradise, song lyrics could be use or a story about a beach resort could be use to describe Paradise. But at the end it would resume at one thing, Paradise is where your friends and family reunited under the same values and goals.

Through the storms, the fights, the injuries, the pain and the blood, there is always someone to stand up for you, welcome you with open arms and bring you up to your feet. There is always someone to make a fool of himself just to put a smile back on your face and show that you are wanted, needed in the family.

Paradise will stand strong and true.

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