Sea Wrath

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Sea Wrath at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Liva of Flying Sushi
Member crew(s) The Black Storm, Enaelrac's Revenge, Eternal Conflict, Flying Sushi, the seven seas fighter's, Society of bears, Toe Stubbers
Founded 6 July, 2007
Virtually dormant as of 12 December, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Sea Wrath is currently a virtually dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean.


The flag was founded by Kagan on July 6, 2007 after that he left the flag La Dolce Vita. 19 days after leaving it, Sea Wrath took the first position on the flag fame list on the Viridian Ocean. The flag Is now leaded by the thunder of the sea, pearl of neptunes Alivi! Sea Wrath is known for being the biggest flag in the ocean for quiet a while, having a amazing team of navigationers, and leaders, and for having the crews Dark Revenge and Squid Squad for a long time in one flag. Under the control of Alivi and assisted by Barbagialla and Zwartetulp, Sea Wrath is sailing the seven Seas as never before!

Public statement

Run, for the Sea's Wrath will be unleashed upon ye. Run, for we pursue our beliefs, and don't give in. Lest we forget the night Sea Wrath was born; a new terror sweeps the seven seas.

Extended public statement

We are Sea Wrath,King of Pillys!

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  1. 1 Flag! Congratulations everyone! 25/07/07 Wow.... it took less than 20 days
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We're currently "recruiting" crews.

If you are interested in joining the flag, Contact any royal which is on.

We're ready to offer 1 Titled for a 40 members crew and 1 more for every 30 mates.

This is something to base ourselves on, It might change depending on crews activeness and other things.

If you have other requests or something different to propose, Contact Kagan and we'll talk it out.

- - - - - - Alliances - - - - - -

If you wanna ally with us,don't send a proposal without having talked to us... it will be turned down

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