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Moonshine at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Supersheep (Deleted/Purged -> Rule of Royals) of Bootleg Bandits
Member crew(s) Bootleg Bandits, Calamity's Paradise, Corsair Killers, Crewqw, Echoes of War, The Family Crew, Honoo no Kaizoku, Moon Madness, Nine Dragons, Red Skies At Night, sea warrior's
Island controlled

Moab Island

Founded 15 November, 2009
Allies Aphrodite's Scorn, The Brethren Court, Dragon Lords, Frisian Flag, Indifference, The Invisible Armada, Wath A Fine Dead
Wars none
Last updated on 14 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

The flag Moonshine on the Meridian Ocean was founded in the year 2009 on November 15th by the crew Bootleg Bandits on Viridian.

Public statement

Taste the Moonshine, follow the sun!

We are a fun loving, hard puzzling flag. We are seekers, we are learners, we are teachers, and we are mates. This grand adventure is for all of us to share. Live, love, laugh, and learn - Together.

Extended public statement

Moonshine is no longer a political flag. We choose to stay out of ocean politics and blockades.

We're about pillaging and hanging out together. If you're looking for viking raids, BK hunts, sea monster hunts, expeditions, even the odd flotilla or friendly blockade, then we're the flag for you. We also have fun flag events and, of course, lots of regular pillaging too!

We're also about trust and loyalty and fun. Stats will come and go but a mate that is willing to jump on and bail you out on the worst pillage is worth their weight in gold. That's what this flag is about. Sticking together, having fun, and never leaving a mate behind. Some of us have played for years and some just joined this ocean. All deserve respect, loyalty, and help when they need it.

Contact any Royal to ask about joining Moonshine.

We're happy to be back!

Flag shoppes

  • Courage Wolf Cruise Lines (shipyard) on Napi
  • Moonshine Stills (distillery) on Napi
  • Philosoraptor Iron (iron monger) on Napi

Flag fame

  • Number 6 flag fame rank reached in March 2010
  • Number 3 flag fame rank reached in April 2010
  • Number 2 flag fame rank reach in June 2010

Blockade history

  • Olive XXV: 2010-02-27, Moonshine successfully attacks Olive in a non-sinking blockade against The First Fleet.
  • Olive XXVI: 2010-06-19, Moonshine successfully defends Olive in a sinking blockade against Insanely Uncooperative.
  • Olive XXVII: 2010-10-09, Moonshine unsuccessfully defends Olive in a sinking blockade against Riddlemakers.
  • Moab XXIII: 2011-09-18, Moonshine unsuccessfully attacks Moab in a sinking blockade against Dilemma.
  • Harmattan XLI: 2011-11-12, Blockade was cancelled due to network issues.
  • Windward Vale XXI: 2012-04-14, Moonshine successfully attacks Windward Vale in a non-sinking blockade against Carpe Diem.
  • Windward Vale XXII: 2012-04-28, Moonshine unsuccessfully defends Windward Vale in a non-sinking blockade against Dilemma.
  • Surtsey XXII: 2012-06-23, Moonshine successfully attacks Surtsey in a non-sinking blockade against The White Void. Moonshine later gave Surtsey away as a prize in an event blockade.
  • Carmine XXXX: 2013-01-26, Moonshine successfully attacks Carmine in a non-sinking blockade against Sea Wrath. Sea Wrath did not defend but Fill in the Blank dropped and blockaded for two rounds.
  • Carmine XXXVII: 2013-02-02, Wind and Rain attacks Carmine but Moonshine was unable to defend.
  • Carmine XLV: 2013-06-15, Moonshine successfully attacks Carmine in a sinking blockade against Jinx.

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