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Black Flag

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For the flag Black Flag on the Meridian Ocean, see Black Flag (Meridian).
For the disbanded flag Black Flag on the Hunter Ocean, see Black Flag (Hunter).
Black Flag at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Cheryll of Privateers
Member crew(s) Apotheosis, Atlantean Explorers, Aura, Black Abyss, Blackade, Bootyholics, Dost Thou Even Hoist, Endurance, Femme Fatales, Genuine Souls, Hide in the Trees, Indigo moon, Los Crusadoes, Love thy Jobbers, Mystery Inc, Outlaws, Phoenix Rising, Polite Murderers, Privateers, Rebel Musketeers, Roses and Guns, The Smelly Smugglers, Soul Assassins, Strange Land, Tainted Turtles
Islands controlled Isle of Kent
Spaniel Island
Amity Island
Kiwara Island

Founded 20 May, 2006
Allies None
Wars None
Last updated on 2 December, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Black Flag.jpg

Black Flag is a flag on the Emerald Ocean formerly of Sage.



Black Flag was founded by Quasar and the Officers of the Privateers on May 20, 2006, following the disbandment of Go with the Flow (GWTF).

The flag was created by the Privateers to protect the crew's interests in the ownership of Basset Island. On the same day GWTF died, The Black Flag was given birth. The idea of the Privateers forming their own flag was not a new concept, given the past differences of opinion with the GWTF leadership. The disbandment of GWTF made that idea a necessity.

In the attic of Quasar's manor house, the discussion of forming a flag took place. Various members of the crew each donated 1 doubloon toward the 20 required for the formation a flag. Each person who gave a doubloon, recieved one nominating name and vote. Names were suggested round robin style and the top 5 selected for final evaluation. Given the difficulties of agreeing on a name, when the first name to emerge with a clear unanimous voice, the flag adopted it and dispensed with all others - the name was Black Flag.

As our public statement says, It was the our symbol of re-birth from the ashes of GWTF. It is our remembrance of mourning for the loss of our flag, and our warning to others - death awaits. The flag we fly has no skulls, no crossbones, no ornate decorations - its just a simple black field.


The first crew to join the flag was Swimming with the Fishes, formerly of GWTF. The first goal of the Black Flag was to reclaim Basset Island, the island which Quasar governed under Go with the Flow. On May 27, 2006, Black Flag recolonized Basset in an uncontested blockade (Basset IV).

During the week of June 7, 2006, One Piece declared intent to blockade Basset. The Black Flag reciprocated with a declaration of war against One Piece.

The following week, June 17 2006, the Black Flag supported the Phantom Fleet at the blockade of Amity II.

On October 15, 2006, the Black Flag welcomed the crew Dark Storm Pirates into the Flag. Around Halloween 2006, the crew The Wanderers- made up in part of old Privateers crew mates - joined the flag.

In early November 2006, Indigo's Rache joined the flag followed by Short Hair on November 25th, Les Freres de la Cote on the 26th and Moon and Stars of Kraken on the 27th.

After the opening of the Opal Ocean, the flag experienced a decline as most of Indigo's Rache, Dark Storm Pirates and Short Hair members left the Sage. The remnants of Short Hair were merged into the crew of Privateers.

In late January 2007, the crew Forget About It (FAI) joined the flag. This event re-joined the friends of FAI and Privateers under a common flag. The Privateers and FAI were sister crews from GWTF.

On January 20, 2007, the Black Flag did not defend the island of Basset, its only island from the simultaneous attack of Mushroom Kingdom and Eternal Glory.

In mid February 2007, Simple Plan, creator of the flag Musketeers, joined the Black Flag. The move had the effect of dissolving the alliance with the flag Musketeers.


Basset IV

The recolonization of Basset Island following the disbandment of Go with the Flow. The Black Flag won the blockade 3-0.

Basset V

Attack by One Piece. Following the declaration of war to blockade Basset, the Black Flag reciprocated the declaration of war to make the blockade sinking. The One Piece ships that made it to the blockade were sunk within the first 10 or so minutes of opening. One Piece losses included their painted grand frigate and a merchant galleon. Rouges of the Sage and other unaffiliated parties showed up. RoS lost a few war brigs.

The Black Flag won 3-0.

Amity II

The Black Flag supported their allies, the Phantom Fleet in their defense of Amity Island. This was a non-sinking blockade.

The flag helped to successfully defend the island from both Rebellion and the round 2 drop by Armed Cocktail Party. the Black flag brought 1 war brig and 2 War frigates - and a few sloops - into the blockade. Some to the Phantom Fleet left the blockade and logged off before the event was over, depriving the use of some of their War frigates to the defenders.

Most of the offensive power of Rebellion was neutralized by the end of round 2. As the defenders were expecting a flag sit in round 3, only sloops went in and most jobbers left. ACP won the round 3 almost uncontested.

Round 4 saw heavy combat as the 2 war frigates from Black Flag were reloaded and sent into the fray. Hamm and Quasar naved the war frigates. The Black Flag ships "sank" most, if not all, ACP war brigs in the bitter fighting that ensued. Quasar entered in time to catch a few ACP brigs that were evading Hamm and sank them. When the board was cleared of opposition, the ships went into buoy sitting to catch up the points deficit and to ensure the end of the blockade. The frigates retired from the board when the point score reached over the ACP total near the end of the round. The score was very close.

The blockade was won 3-1.

Great 24hr Blockade

Participated under the banner of Hells Wrath. Black flag only entered with one war brig and a few sloops.

Basset VI

The Island was contended by Mushroom Kingdom and Eternal Glory. The Black Flag did not contend in the blockade.

Blockades at a glance

To view Blockades at a glance, click Show.


One Piece

Following One Piece's declaration to blockade Basset island, the Black Flag reciprocated the declaration of war and thus began (what some crew members called) the Happy Hunting times. In the 24hrs from blockade intent, the Black flag sank one War Frigate being floated to Basset, and one sloop literally in sight of Basset approximately 3 minutes before the beginning of the first round of Basset V.

The week that followed saw all but three One Piece sloops sunk as a result of PvP actions. The Black Flag accepted the offer of truce by One Piece following payment of a tribute to the Black Flag.

The White Armada

(aka The Thanksgiving War) On November 22, 2006 the White Armada declared war against the Black Flag with intent to take Basset Island. The following day, the Black Flag reciprocated the declaration of war.

The war was hastily fought over the course of the next two days. In the war, which consisted of three battles, the White Armada lost a War Frigate to a cutter of the Privateers and a sloop in a sloop vs. sloop battle. The last "battle" consisted of a sloop vs. sloop actions against the king of the White Armada. The Armada successfully disengaged over the period of three or so engagements. Later, the Armada's king issued a rematch challenge to the Black Flag in which the Armada would use a hired bnaver. The Black Flag declined the invitation.

After 2 days of war, which saw the loss of the White Armada's only War Frigate, the Armada offered a truce. After the Armada paid tribute to the Black Flag, the Black Flag accepted the truce.

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