Goddess of Chaos

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Goddess of Chaos at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Titevie
Senior Officer(s) Brazenhood, Keloke, Omikehunto, Tenpins, Waterdog, Laff, Ninjacat
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Eternal Glory
Founded 6 April, 2007
Last updated on 27 August, 2012
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Goddess of Chaos is a smaller crew than most, but makes everyone a part of the crew feel like a tight-knit family. They currently sail under the flag of Eternal Glory on the Emerald Ocean and were originally founded on the Sage Ocean. The crewbies enjoy goofing off, puzzling and helping the newer pirates.

Public Statement

Greetings from the Goddess of Chaos! We are a fun crew! A crew like family, where respect and trust is important! The Goddess of Chaos protects all the members of this crew... her charms and soul accompany us always as we progress in her name :D

General Rules

  1. We love to do pillies with our crew mates, so feel free to join a pilly when you can :)
  2. We encourage our crew mates to get to know each other, to talk in crew chat, to play together. Also, training is available for people who want to participate more actively within the crew or flag.
  3. Captain's say is final but she is open to suggestions at all times.
  4. You must ask for PTB (permission to board) in crew chat before going on a ship. Some officers might need to be alone to memm routes or do trade runs, or any other good reason.
  5. Reasons for getting planked: lack of respect, lazing about, not following orders, shouting without being the officer in charge, being really annoying, or other good reasons
  6. New officers might have to pass a test or be coached before starting their own pillages.

Rank Requirements

  • Pirate: Automatic when joining
  • Officer: Must have minimum of one Master & 2 Distinguished in piracy skills and be able to represent crew in a good way. So you must know the crew before getting promoted...
  • Fleet officer: Must be with the crew for a good period of time (can vary, but at least a month) and be trusted by Senior Officers and Captain. Also need to be active/involved in the crew and be able to coach other officers.
  • Senior officer: Must have extraordinary skills and/or be fully trusted by Captain.

Captain always has the right to promote someone for other good reasons if needed.


Although the lovely Captain of Goddess of Chaos, Titevie, currently runs GoC, it was Tenpins who founded the crew. Tenpins, now an SO, decided to one day go to the movie store. He had noticed that the movie he wanted to rent was called "Goddess of Chaos". And so, the crew's name was born. But there were obstacles to overcome in making a crew. How to get pirates to join? What flag do we run? Is Goddess of Chaos going to contain people? Am I crazy for finding the crews name in a movie store? But, alas, the crew was founded on April 6th, 2007 being an independent crew.

The crew went through numerous people, as people in all crews come and go. However, those of whom who left an imprint on the crew, are still an active part of the crew. In September 2008, Tenpins resigned as the original captain of Goddess of Chaos, and his SO, Titevie became the captain. Even to this day, Titevie still remains as the captain, for which her fellow crewbies are grateful. Here are some of the notable pirates who have left there mark in the crew: Whitepansies, Therese, Mercury, Slipperysam, Anglebaby, Roydude, Brazenhood, Fairlass, Shawntell, Lildevil, Nikor, Bluedull, Waterdog, Keloke and many others.

The very first flag that the crew joined was Apocalypse. However, by the time Xmas 2007 was around, the crew had decided it was time to move flags. The crew moved from Apocalypse to the flag Deviant Behaviour. Although they had a good time with them, they were looking for more action, so they moved to the flag Honor Above All in June 2008. As the crew needed to explore new views, GoC has joined Eternal Glory on Sept. 30, 2010.

On another note, Goddess of Chaos is quite the party crew, full of party animals! As much as each crew member likes to goof off, they highly enjoy goofing off with each other and their flag members and hearties. For Tenpins' birthday in March 2008, the crew threw a party just to celebrate Ten being one year older. Tenpins and Furny's wedding was held in June 2008. Also, as a notable memory, in December 2008, just before Xmas, Titevie threw a huge "Piratemas" Party, and all flaggies were invited. Those who attended those parties remember the good times, and the massive amounts of fun they had just by sitting back, relaxing, and drinking away the day.

Since May 2010, this crew also enjoys spending some time at their very own crew hall on Kent.

Unwritten history is still to be made, and good memories to be made as well. The path of Goddess of Chaos is unknown, but those in the crew know one thing: They'll stick together through everything, and they sure as heck wont be leaving the Sage ocean until they're banished!

Crew Stalls

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