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senior officer and first mate of the crew Dos Crusadoes on the Emerald Ocean.
captain and poet of the crew Immortal Pirates on the Meridian Ocean.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • Jan 2020 Prince, Black Flag
  • Dec 2019 Governor, Isle of Kent, Emerald
  • Oct 2019 First mate, Dos Crusadoes
  • Sep 2019 Poet, Dos Crusadoes
  • Aug 2019 Senior officer, Dos Crusadoes
  • Feb 2019 Senior officer, Barnacle Booty Shakers
  • Jan 2019 Fleet officer, Barnacle Booty Shakers
  • Jan 2019 Lookout, Barnacle Booty Shakers
  • Dec 2018 Officer, Barnacle Booty Shakers
  • Sep 2018 Fleet officer, Invitca
  • Aug 2018 Moved to Emerald Ocean
  • Mar 2018 Prince, Smoke and Mirrors
  • Sep 2017 Poet, Immortal Pirates
  • Aug 2016 Captain, Immortal Pirates
  • Oct 2013, Governor, Nightshade Island, Meridian
  • Sep 2013 King, Smoke and Mirrors
  • Sep 2013 Quartermaster, Immortal Pirates
  • Aug(1/2)2013 Senior officer, Immortal Pirates
  • Aug 2013 Captain, Immortal Pirates
  • Aug 2012 Counselor, Immortal Pirates
  • Aug 2012 Lord, Argosy
  • Aug 2011 Senior officer, Immortal Pirates
  • May 2011 Quartermaster, Immortal Pirates
  • Feb 2011 Fleet officer, Immortal Pirates
  • Jan 2011 Lookout, Immortal Pirates
  • Jan 2011 Officer, Immortal Pirate
  • Sep 2010 Officer, One Night Stand
  • Jun 2010 Officer, Pimps at Sea
  • Apr 2010 Pirate, Pimps at Sea
  • Mar 2010 Landlubber


Tandecker the Poet is a bit of a swash. His pirate swagger has since preceded him over the long years. This silver tongued devil can bite when provoked, but usually keeps an even disposition. Parlay is his weapon of choice, but can handle himself in battle and fray. Never a climber of “stats”, and having no particular strength at puzzles, Tandecker relies on his friends, having fun, and love of the game; he considers these the real intent behind its emulation. He loves having friends and enemies alike, for without them, the game would grow stagnant.

On Meridian, Tandecker solemnly swore to uphold, until her return, the will of his captain and queen, Nightshade, as humble steward of the throne to her flag.

Since the dormancy of the Meridian ocean, Tandecker has fit in quite nicely among the Dos Crusadoes on Emerald as Senior Officer.

Tandecker's original neighborhood: Malachite Ocean.


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Pets-Big cat colors.png
Item box unequip.png
Pets-Big cat colors.png

Famous ships

  Type Name
Rogue class grand frigate dock.png  Rogue Class Grand Frigate Atropa Belladonna
Rogue class war brig dock.png  Rogue Class War Brig Shifty Hagfish (The Shagfish)
Rogue class dhow dock.png  Rogue Class Dhow Immortal Wrasse
Cutter dock.png  Cutter Rogue Chub
Rogue class sloop dock.png  Rogue Class Sloop Crocked Dane
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Black Pearl