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Current Rank
Icon captain.png Captain
Flag Title

Icon royalty.png Prince

Boomshots is captain of the crew Wanted and prince of the flag I-N-K, that sails the Emerald Ocean.

Former crews and flags


Boomshots was introduced to the game by his girlfriend at the time, in November 2006.

Starting on the Viridian Ocean, he learned quickly and started working on his puzzle standings. He met an exceptional player, Cachinia, with whom he had a certain easy friendship, conversing with her in his own language (French). He joined her crew Vendetta as a named pirate Dominicanus (spelled Domini-canus and nothing else).

At that time, he made lots of new friends, in many BK hunts, pillages and of course in 'cades, such as Narci and Avienda and many more.

In 2011 he met Bookling in the crew Bad Touch, and then in 2012, after the ocean merge, he decide to move to the Emerald Ocean.

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