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Good Grief

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Good Grief at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Crazee of Charlie's Bananas
Member crew(s) Charlie's Bananas
Founded 2 June, 2007
Dormant as of 6 August, 2010
Favicon.png Flag Info

Good Grief is a flag which was founded on the Emerald Ocean on 2nd June 2007. It ended on June 8, 2010.


Flag articles

"We're actually quite reasonable people, even if we are off our rockers." ~ Scurvycrab

Good Grief is all about having fun, not how many islands you can hold. We put everything into a blockade, but winning still isn't our number one priority; this is a game, after all.

We're a flag that puts together blockades as a team, because of this, you'll find us giving our blockade positions to flaggies first. If people put in the work, then those people reap the rewards.

As a flag we can offer you many ways to get involved, and we're a friendly bunch of people. Watch out for the King, Crazee, though. He's a bit... insane in the membrane.

Blockade history

Results are given in the form (rounds won by Good Grief)-(rounds lost)

  • 28th July 2007:
    • Spaniel XII - Good Grief defended Spaniel Island against Illium Eternae. Illium Eternae won the blockade in three rounds. Result 0-3
  • 1st September 2007:
    • Kent IX - Good Grief defend Kent against Notorious. Good Grief return the war dec for a sinking blockade. After an evenly contested start, Good Grief pulled out of the blockade towards the end of round three. Result 1-3
  • 27th October 2007:
    • Ventress IX - Good Grief defend against Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness. Crazee scuttled Admiral Finius to provoke this blockade. Good Grief lose the first round as they focused on sinking the BK's fleet. Good Grief reduce the amassed fleet size of Admiral Finius to zero early in round two. Result 3-1
  • 1st December 2007
    • Amity XI - Good Grief dropped a chest between rounds two and three. Good Grief were unable to win the third round, and the blockade ended with League of Light successfully defending. Result 0-3
  • 9th December 2007
    • Blackthorpe XVI - Good Grief attack the BK, Barnabas the Pale. After winning the first round, Good Grief went on to run out of ships ported at Blackthorpe Island towards the end of round three. Good Grief did not participate in the final round. The BK had four strength left at the end of the blockade. Result 1-3
  • 15th December 2007
    • Ventress X - Part of a five-island multi-drop. Good Grief defend Ventress against League of Light and Shadows Of Sage. Shadows Of Sage won the first round, but Good Grief were able to win the following three. Result 3-1
  • 16th December 2007
  • 5th January 2008
    • Ventress XI - First Brynhild Skullsplitter blockade on Sage, and first blockade on Sage of 2008. Blockade triggered by flotilla located two league points north of Fowler Island, after Good Grief fail to scuttle. BK strength was down to zero at round two. It was increased to three by Ocean Master control, which was down to zero again at the middle of round three. Result 3-0
  • 26th January 2008
  • 9th February 2008
    • Scrimshaw IV - Good Grief drop on Scrimshaw Island. League of Light did not defend, but instead assisted Tea and Strumpets in their attack. Tea and Strumpets are able to win the second round after Good Grief send some jobbers away to even the blockade. Result 3-1
  • 16th February 2008
    • Gauntlet XIII - Brigand King blockade triggered by scuttle of Admiral Finius' ship. Result 3-1
  • 3rd March 2008
    • Ventress Island transferred to Tea and Strumpets.
  • 6th April 2008
  • 19th April 2008
  • 20th April 2008
    • Scrimshaw V - Successful defense from the scuttle-triggered attack of Jinx. Result 3-1
  • 26th April 2008
    • Gauntlet XVII - Island lost to Passive Aggression. Result 0-3
    • Scrimshaw VI - Island lost to Passive Agrresion. Undeclared also took part, but failed to win any rounds. Result 1-3-0
  • 24th May 2008
    • Kiwara X - Good Grief drop on Kiwara. Dirty Deeds also took part, but failed to win any rounds. Result 3-0-0
  • 14th June 2008
  • 13th July 2008
  • 24th August 2008
  • 31st August 2008
  • 13th December 2008
  • 20th December 2008
    • Spaniel XIX - Good Grief takes control of Spaniel Island. Result 3-2
  • 24th January 2009
  • 25th January 2009
  • 8th February 2009
    • Kashgar XV - Unsuccessful attack on Kashgar. Result 0-3
  • 14th February 2009

Blockades at a glance (27-28)

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