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Jingo is captain of the crew Dos Crusadoes and prince of the flag Temporary Insanity on the Sage Ocean.


Jingo entered the Sage Ocean on October, 2005. Jingo was a member of the 4 person JSOC in the crew The Sickness, under the flag The Avengers. After the flag was disbanded, Jingo joined the crew Para Bellum.

Two events happened to Jingo in October 2007 which he remembers fondly. The first was being the August 2007 winner of the Puzzle Pirates iPod. The second was joining a new crew called Sealords of Sage, which within a period of 3 months, climbed to be one of the top 10 crews on Sage.

On February 18, 2008, Jingo set out on his own, and formed the crew Los Crusadoes.

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