Olympian Armada

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Olympian Armada at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Tabath of Welcome Haven Yachting
Member crew(s) Oakade, On Stranger Tides, The Sage Raiders, The Titans, Welcome Haven Yachting
Founded 3 October, 2010
Allies Royal Army, Shadows of Sage
Wars None
Last updated on 17 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Olympian Armada.jpg

Olympian Armada is a flag on the Emerald Ocean. It was created by Tabath in the year 2010 on October 3rd on Sage.

Public statement

A flag with titanic ambitions. Out of the depths of Tartarus and the heights of Mount Olympus, the Armada shall come.

Extended public statement

Welcome. If you would like to join our flag please ask any Royal. We are a fun loving, friendly flag and we all like to chat on flag chat and help each other. So if you like a quiet life dont come join us. Crew will get 2 titled spots with more for larger crews. Royal spots are earnt by service and loyalty to the flag. All decisions regarding blockades etc are discussed in titled meetings . Come and see if you like us is all I can say. Royal responsibilities: Kadeing ( bnav team) - Shadysam and Rumtop, fundraising and fun events - Hypnotic and Noushka

FOR THE BEGINNERS: Start your pirate career well by joining one of the leading crews in the flag and use the Olympians Creed Ring, the training chart and FAIR WINDS!

Furniture-Bulletin board.png N E W S :

Flag's production

Art-Deltaruler-Pay day.jpg

Shoppes, free puzzle day and payment*

Basic-Skilled-Expert Labor*

Icon shipyard.png Shipyard, Saturday for Shipwrightery

Tabath's Shoppe Fat Bottom Frigs
  • on Caravanserai Island 15-25-35
Blacq's Shoppe Frigin' on Heaven's Door
  • on Caravanserai Island 10-10-10

Icon iron monger.png Iron monger, Sunday for Blacksmithing

Noushka's Shoppe Watery Tart Sword Distribution
Rumtop's Shoppe Karkinos Cannon Balls
  • on Caravanserai Island 17-35-45

Icon furnisher.png Furnisher

Tabath's Shoppe Fantastic Fournisher

Icon weavery.pngWeavery, Monday for Weaving

Rumtop's Shoppe Spiderman
  • on Barbary Island 12-15-20

Icon tailor.png Tailor

Blackgin's Shoppe Swan Thong

Stalls, free puzzle day and payment

Icon apothecary.png Apothecary, Wednesday for Alchemistry

Tabath's Stalls
Angryss's Stall

Icon distillery.png Distillery, Friday for Distilling

Tabath's Stalls
Briny's Stall
  • on Descartes Isle 8-12-18
Turik's Stall
  • on Admiral Island 10-20-50

Icon furnisher.png Furnisher

Angryss's Stall
  • on Wensleydale 15-15-15

Icon iron monger.png Iron monger, Sunday for Blacksmithing

Tabath's Stall
  • on Blackthorpe Island Not hiring
Shalbe's Stall
Darkgamer's Stall
  • on Descartes Isle 15-20-1
Immotep's Stalls
Yungg's Stall
  • on Admiral Island 12-15-15
Blacqsparrow's Stalls
Crewman's Stall
  • on Isle of Kent 12-15-20
Robinlynn' Stall
  • on Admiral Island 15-20-25
Hastem's Stall
  • on Admiral Island 20-30-35 !!! almost dusted
Onigiirii's Stall
  • on Isle of Kent 5-10-20

Icon tailor.png Tailor

Shadowqueen's Stall
  • on Admiral Island !!! almost dusted

Icon weavery.pngWeavery, Monday for Weaving

Noushka's Stalls
Ashmarie's Stall
  • on Wensleydale - Not hiring
Angryss's Stall
  • on Wensleydale 15-15-20
Turik's Stall
  • on Admiral Island 14-21-28
Cloudo's stall
  • on Scrimsaw Island 15-25-40
Legomar's Stall
  • on Wensleydale 1-1-1

Flag's trading

Art-Deltaruler-Stocking news board.jpg

Armada's battling

Art-Deltaruler-Crow's nest is the best.jpg

Icon battle navigation.png Flag's Furious Pillagers:

Luckker, Crewman, Seaa, Arghhbreath, Caerbannog, Brucet, Asuraa, Cloudo, Gavinl, Immotep, Royaldemonz, Wully, Neilcus, Turik, Eldiablo...

Rumtop, Deadknight, Paloms...

Thedeath, Sorros...

Zebuline, Greenfish, Stephenc...



Art-Deltaruler-The Flag raising.jpg

Trinket-Heart-shaped cookie.png Flag's Royal family:

Tabath, Noushka, Rumtop and Joboa .

Trinket-Starfish.png Leading Crews:

(crew with at least 50 members and Eminent fame)

Trinket-Skull.png Training languages available:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Arabic

Olympians creed ring

Art-Deltaruler-Olympians Creed Ring.jpg

Ultimate attitude and contribution

The flag believes that every common and simple support is important as pirate's activity and donating of PoE, Doubloons, Ships, commodities and any other kind of donation to the flag will be appreciate as ultimate loyalty and will be registered correctly into the flag's archives.

The pirates could donate 1-10% or more of their profit from any finished act in:

? How to share the profit or donate ?

  • The pirate could just contact with any Royalty member and pay, trade or transfer what he want to share, which will be for common flag's use.

Training / promoting chart

Rank Loyalty Communication
Icon pirate.png Pirate
  • When pirates are online, their loyalty depends and measuring according to all possible game's acts of their crew and flag at the present time.
  • YPPedia's main page is the very first and basic helping tool.

  • Learning and respecting the crew's (and flag's) rules, commonly posted at crew's Public statement & Private statement;
  • Working at crew's and flag's Shoppes and Stalls;
  • Supporting all crew's and flag's acts as first option to puzzling/helping;
  • Staying in the crew and ignoring invites to went to other crew as full member;
  • Looking for help and training from pirates with higher rank;
  • Following this Training chart to develop their skills, improving loyalty and earning respect for Officer's rank promotion.
  • Chat:
    • - Chat history;
    • - Filters;
    • - Substitutions.
  • Proper using the common chat.
Icon officer.png Officer
  • All Officers (O) represent their crew and flag to the rest of pirate community and their actions and tells could reflect in good or bad way, so they must keep the common reputation and giving to Pirates good example.
  • The basic Loyalty Experience of Pirates also defining the Loyalty of all other Ranks, including Officers.
  • Officer's extra loyalty measure is communication and they have to use the Chat well.
  • Using /O (Officer's chat) and /FO (Fleet Officer's chat) in reasonable way.

Rules For FO Chat:

  1. Only ask for jobber support ONCE if its outside OUR FLAG.
  2. Personal Matters should be left OUT of FO Chat. (Use Tells)
  3. If being harassed by someone in flag chat, please do not respond and please bring it to a royal's attention.
  4. Flag chat isn't a trade window. please keep general goods out of chat . Exceptions on what is allowed to be sold are Ships / Shoppes , and familiars. (please announce you're selling these on rare occasions)
  5. Do not spam the flag chat with anything. This is rude and disturbing to others.

PUNISHMENT: Breaking of these rules will result in Warnings, repeated offenses will result in Captains being required to demote the offender to pirate for a set amount of days before being allowed on flag chat again. Captains are responsible for the behaviour of crewmates. If captains do not follow instructions to control or demote crewmates other means of punishment will be used , such as Complete removal of crew. If a Captain of a crew is an offender and demotion isn't a viable option, removal of Royalty or Titles will be used. Repeat offenses from the captain will also result in Complete removal of crew.

  • Officers must try to communicate with other pirates (at shore or on board of their ships during pillages or other actions) and invite them to join the crew as full members, if their response was positive.
  • Officers may propose promotions and demotions (mostly connected to the new crew members) which causes an issue to be posted.
  • Following the crew and flag policy Officers have to develop their skills, improving loyalty and earning respect for Fleet Officer's rank promotion.
  • Chat:
    • - Chat Shortcuts;
    • - Commands.
  • Using the 'Officer chat' (/o) and 'Flag Officer chat' (/fo)
Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer
  • Based on their rights, Fleet Officers (FO) have more Loyalty measures:
  • FO are able to access crew holds and put/take charts and bid tickets, sell/buy commodities (at port) and deposit/withdraw PoE at sea on unlocked ships;
  • FO are able to use unlocked Ships for voyages and even sink them in several options, depending on the locking level - SMH, (War PvP, Sinking IO, Flotillas and Blockade);
  • FO may propose promotions and demotions (mostly connected to the old crew members) causes an issue to be posted.
  • All Pirate's and Officer's Experience should be familiar to the FO as their daily activity too.

  • FO have to respect all needs for assistance to stock/restock unlocked crew's ships, helping to Officers.
  • FO will not steal or move another pirate's property without that pirate's freely-given consent, including porting used unlocked ship on other island.
  • FO will read and respect the Officer bulletin board before using unlocked ship and in the end of action will restock fairly.
  • FO will use well and reasonable the Issues and if it's necessary will post crew news to solve it.
  • FO will help the Captain and Senior Officers in all main activities to keep good crew and flag environment where the loyalty is the first virtue and creed.
  • Following the crew and flag policy FO have to develop their skills, improving loyalty and earning respect for Senior Officer's rank or for flag's title.
  • Chat:
    • - Chat Shortcuts;
    • - Commands.
  • Using the 'Officer chat' (/o) and 'Flag Officer chat' (/fo)
Icon titled.png Titled Member
  • Titled members always supporting flag's royalties, their captains and the common flag policy.

  • Good example for all flag members:
  • Don't breaking the game's terms of service;
  • Good performance at the all duty puzzling;
  • Always supporting at least one of the Flag's Shoppes, providing labor hours (holding a labor badge).
  • Titled members will be an active crew's diplomats and flag's ambassadors and they will communicate with captains of flagless crews about possibilities to merge into the crew or joining the flag.
  • Protecting the flag with honor and dedicated actions.
  • Following the crew and flag policy to develop skills, improving loyalty and earning respect for next crew or flag promotion, Titled members must try to be active trainers.
  • Proper writing the common language on the chat.
  • FO should know how to 'Copy/Paste' the 'Chat history' in need:
    • - Opening the chat history;
    • - Marking the text (tell, link, game's action or message...);
    • - Ctrl+c = COPY and Ctrl+v = PASTE.
  • Helping others to use the chat.
Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer
  • As FO's privileges Senior officers are able to access the crew holds of unlocked ships, using the unlocked ships, but the main is the right of promoting or demoting crew members, even the right to expel them from the crew.
  • The main requirement for SO promoting of almost all the crews is trust and their loyalty have to be undisputed, their reputation - uncorrupted, and their dedication - proved.

  • SO will execute and control the execution of the will of their captains.
  • Following the crew and flag policy to develop skills, improving loyalty and earning respect for next crew or flag promotion, Senior officers must be active trainers.
  • Ventrilo - for headphones & microphone using.
  • Current Flag's Ventrilo:
    • SERVER (host): dallas-vent1.sbhost.net
    • PORT: 3036
    • PASSWORD: ask for it
    • CHANNEL: Olympian Armada
  • Ability to using Ventrilo
Icon captain.png Captain
  • Captaincy is the supreme art of leading the pirates in crew unit and the Captain should be the first and final mentor and judge for all pirates and issues.
  • Ability to using Ventrilo
  • Good writing and speaking the common language
Icon royalty.png Royalty
  • The royal members of the flag are mostly respected and trusted pirates and from their abilities and actions depends the main flag's destiny.

  • Improving the flag's Production, Trading, Battling and Leadership.
  • Running successful diplomacy.
  • Assembling and training the flag's Blockading team.
  • Planning and executing events...
  • Ability to using Ventrilo
  • Good writing and speaking the common language
Blockteam.jpg Blockading Team
  • Respected and trusted flag's members and friends with good performance in battling.

  • Gaining experience in the blockading activities.
  • Ability to using Ventrilo
  • Good writing and speaking the common language