Don't Open Till Doomsday

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Don't Open Till Doomsday at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Ammeer of Llke Mike
Member crew(s) Llke Mike
Founded 16 April, 2012
Dormant as of 30 December, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Don't Open Till Doomsday is currently a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

Duckling says, "what does this trading post sell?" Dalnoth says, "tissues"

Extended public statement

What we are: We are a focused group of people who love blockading and political activity. Our goal is to bring as many blockades to the ocean as possible while bringing the war, blockade, and political game back to its roots. By extension there is a good group of people who won't like what we're going to do if you think joining this flag is a good idea you should be comfortable with the idea of seperating politics/blockades and friendships. If this sounds like something you'd be interested and want to join us read the bottom.


We are currently listening to political talks and are always open to discussions of working together with people! If you want to get involved with us politically talk to Yaruto or Hitchhike. If you can't find them any royal will take messages. Requests for blockade staff go through Daquan or Yaruto.


The main policy of our flag right now is we're here to play the game and have fun doing it while taking part in all aspects of the game. We welcome anyone to join the flag with clean slate and the only thing we ask is you commit yourself to our team and leave any baggage/grudges at the door. At this point in the game where you need a score card like a highschool girls club to figure out who's not talking to who and who doens't like who. We aren't playing that game. When you join you agree to bury any past discretions/transgressions

If you want in on the ground floor of a very active and blockading flag this is a great opportunity!

If you are easily offended, don't like blockading, war or the baggage it carries this isn't the place for you.

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