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Art:T-shirt Design Competition 06

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The T-shirt Design Competition (2006) is a contest to include a player designed t-shirt in the next batch of Puzzle Pirates merchandise. The discussion thread can be found on the forum.

T-shirt Design Contest Entries

You should also post your design in the contest entry thread. If your name is not yet listed and you wish to add your contest entries, click on the "edit" link to the right of the appropriate ocean section and use the same format as the others. If you need help, ask in the contest rules discussion thread.

Cobalt Entries



Illustrator files & EPS formats available.




http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p20/doggie_2/ http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p20/doggie_2/?start=#imgAnch3


Idol & Muffbeard

EPS/SVG/AI vectors available upon request. Raster Images are 150+ dpi.



Vector art, Illustrator files/generic vector formats available.


Colors: "white, black, grey.


  • "Entry" Colours: Red, White and Black.


Vector art, Illustrator files/generic vector formats available.


Vector Art:- llustrator files & EPS formats available.


There is a grey line but it is not spose to be there and I cann't fix it.

  • "Tip #1" black, white, or and combo of colors
  • "Sloop" black, brown, blue, white (shirt color)

There is a grey line but it is not spose to be there and I cann't fix it.

There is a grey line but it is not spose to be there and I cann't fix it.

  • "Logon" black, white(shirt color), blue, yellow
  • "KB" white (shirt color), black, brown, darker brown
  • "Hearing" blue, aqua, grey, white (shirt color)
  • "Everyone" black, white, or any combo
  • "Leaving Home"green, grey, black, white (shirt color)
  • "DnD" red, black, white (shirt color)
  • "Brigand King" dark aqua, dark brown, black, white (shirt color)


  • [2](front)Colors:black, white.

[3] (back) Colors: Black, white, red.

  • [4] Colors: Black, white, grey.
  • [5] Colors: White, black. ( could be reversed as well.)
  • [6] White, black
  • [7] Colors: White, black. Front.

[8] Colors:White, black. Back.

  • [9] Colors: Black, white. Front.

[10] Colors: Black, white. Back.


Stesan and Javaman


(all colors can be changed)


Generic vector formats available.

Hunter Entries


Ladyreddawn created the actual designs, i just came up with the ideas. Created in Illustrator - vector files available.

  • [11] Colors are marroon, yellow and black. The puzzlepirates url is on the back of the shirt
  • [12] Colors are white blue and orange on black shirt.


  • Order me to gun!:P Colors are black,white, and grey. looks good on all colors, looks great on red, grey, white, blue.

Colors are Light blue and dark blue.


i hope this are goods


Idea borrowed from Salmon and Llama's last fadvatar, Vector Illustrations created in Inkscape"


Minimalistic Vector designs.

Individual familiars


Jamesthebond's entry's hope you like them!

  • [27] Yellow, Black, Brown.
  • [28] Black, Brown, Silver.
  • [30] Black, Brown.
  • [31] Brown, Black.
  • [32] Black, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange.
  • [33] Red, Silver, Black.
  • [35] Black, Brown.
  • [36] Yellow, Black, Brown.
  • [37] Silver, Black, Gray.


all the designs are vectors. program used is coreldraw. t-shirt templates are taken from wiki. those are previews in jpeg.


Created by Inscape/MS Paint, updated by photobucket


Some groovy designs


  • 1. Slap or be slapped! on dark and light backgrounds.
  • 2. You, too, can see stars! on light and dark backgrounds.
  • 3. Have a fish slappin' good time! on light and dark backgrounds.
  • 4. Let's grapple! good on any background.
  • 5. Prepare to be boarded! good on any background.
  • 6. I'm the Captain around here! light background.
  • 7. I'm the Captain around here! dark background.

You can instantly view smaller rastor pictures of each design or grab the EPS Vector file from the link under each entry.

Link to my entries here.

~Designs do not include Puzzle Pirates or Puzzlepirates url as this can be added by Three Rings if desired.~


All artwork is original

~ Different Entries ~


I hope these are the right size.

Midnight Entries


Colours is spelt in the Australian fashion as colors just looks wrong to me. :)Done in CorelDraw 11...Exported as PNGs.


  • "Don't Quit" Colors: Print in any color desired, as well as any color for the shirt


  • "Arr Rating" - Flash, Exported as a gif. Saved as .fla or .eps (fonts changeable, since I don't know what fonts are copyright protected).


(Done in Inkscape, available in svg, eps, etc.)


all done in photoshop and adobe illustrator
I do have all the .ai files if needed

all of the designs can be paired with the first one-with the piece being on the front shirt pocket and any of the others paired with it on the reverse -they can be put on any color of T and the P!PP address can be put on the sleeve


All Designs made in Photoshop and Autocad
Designs will work on all color shirts and design colors can be changed to your liking.


Made in Photoshop.


Made in Illustrator, available in whatever format is needed.

Close up of the puzzle pieces made for my designs.


  • "Broadside" Created in Illustrator CS, completely vector. Three inks: brown, red and light grey.
  • "Magical Winds" Created in Illustrator CS, completely vector. Three inks: teal, grey and brown.


Kingpriam (forum: micklauer)

Dock Tarts...like Pop Tarts...but so much better. Then I figured there must be so many different flavors of Dock Tarts, and well...the rest is history. I used photoshop. Made shapes and warped them a bit. I'm a simple and frugal pirate, so I went with black and white.


Both design concepts by Labradonis, Photoshop work done by Hahacat.




drawn on photobucket "vectorized" on inkscape. booty front * [38] back- * [39] colors- black n yellow.

hand drawn :) front [40] black and yellow back [41] ultimate drinkarr [42] same back as crunk design.

also hand drawn : buisness idea. front : [43] back : [44]

stick figure front : [45] back [46]


  • "BOOM!" Vector art in black and white. Black can be replaced for another color if wanted or needed. For more details see forum entry thread.


I wasn't sure if I should add myself alphabetically or chronologically, so I tried to stick with alphabetically.

Link to Mariners Muse entry post

  • "Radial Puzzles": Illustrator, exported as JPG. 3 Colors: Black, White, Gray (which represents an arbitrary third color). Shown here on a pink shirt.
  • "Next Move": Illustrator, exported as JPG. 3 Colors: Blue, White, Brown, shown here on a black shirt. I'm not tied to this font. It looked mildly piratey but not difficult to read. A replacement font will not break my heart.
  • "Breaker": Illustrator, exported as JPG. 1 Color: Shown as White on a dark Aqua shirt. Any dark/light or light/dark combination would work.
  • "PPP": Illustrator, exported as JPG. 1-color: shown as black on a mustard shirt. Any dark/light or light/dark combination would work. Any font.






  • "X Marks the Spot" Illustrator CS, original vector available upon request as contest requires. Print colors: Deep Brown, Tan, White. Shirt Color shown: Maroon. Other color shirts would be workable.
  • "Larger X Marks the Spot" See above.
  • "YPP Travel Poster" See above.
  • "My Cat Made Me Do It" Same program as above. Print Colors: Golden Yellow, Brown, White. Shirt Color shown: Royal Blue. Green, Brown, Black, Light Blue and Navy Blue would also work for shirt colors.


Chihiro helped with the idea and text. Single entry with front and back.



only entry- used yellow, red, black (t shirt is white)


  • "YARR!" Adobe Illustrator vector files, print in any color.
  • "Puzzles!" Adobe Illustrator vector files, print in any color.
  • "Puzzles!" Adobe Illustrator vector files, print in any color.
  • "Midnight Ocean" Adobe Illustrator vector files, print in any color.
  • "Midnight Ocean" Adobe Illustrator vector files, print in any color.
  • "More Puzzles!" Adobe Illustrator vector files, print in any color.

Sage Entries



All original art.

Badbreath (Forum:Huuq)


(Done in Adobe Illustrator, text and colors are subject to change, so don't hesitate to ask around!)



Kjun (Forum:Cajunbaby)

All can be applied to many different colored shirts.



original art. 2 colors, uses t-shirt color as well, endless combinations for everyone.


Frontal area of shirt colors varied depending on color of shirt but mostly white and red "What kind of pirate are ye?" is the slogan showing pics of the face rank inside a fleet


Pirate Wench Silhouette, colors: Black and White but choices are flexible




Images created in Adobe Illustrator.


Original vector art with puzzle pirates elements. colours made by 3 basic colours (gold red and bright blue) in fixed transperacies (20%, 40% ...) Good for dark shirts. if needed i can change scales in no time...





All on black t-shirts. They should all be vector art though i'm not sure if they are.


My account has a bug so I still can't access the forums to post my entry there... I hope it's okay. Raster images done in Photoshop. This is original art. The background color, or shirt color, can be any as long as it shows the black and white design clearly.

These following two designs are also raster images done in Photoshop. These are not totally original art. I used the sword icons from http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Swords by importing the .png files to Photoshop, enlarging them, then using a Stamp Effect Sketch Filter. I'm not sure but this should fall under fair use, right? I won't make any profit from my designs unless I win the contest, in which case the ones who will use my designs for commercial purposes will be the copyright holders themselves. So I hope this is okay. Lastly, the background color, or shirt color, may vary as long as it shows the other elements clearly.


(Done in MS Paint) backround colour of the shirt can be done in almost any

  • SHIRTFront of Shirt back blank/colour of the front



  • "Ninja-free" Colors used: Black, White, Red. No preferred t-shirt color.Note: Not vector art, but it should be clear where each color goes.



  • "No Lazers" Keep them off your ship with this warning; Colors: black and red;
  • "Limes prevent..." Good advice for sailors; Colors: black, red and lime green of course (but could easily be done in regular green instead);
  • "Jobbers Wanted" "Help Wanted" style image; Colors: red, white;
  • "Jobbers Wanted with Sword" Alternate version of the above; Colors: red, white;

Viridian Entries


  • "Got Booty" It has gold wording with a chest in the middle,In the chest is poe.


Front of Shirt

  • I'm With Pirate - BlackThis is the black version of "I'm with pirate". Just has a pirate hook and title. Colors: Black and White. Shirt is Black
  • I'm With Pirate - White This is the white version of "I'm with pirate'. Same as the black version, but it's white. Colors: Black and White. Shirt is white.
  • Arr ye Skelly Enough! - Black This is the black version of "Arr ye Skelly Enough! - Black". It has a picture of a skelly on the front and says, "Arr ye skelly enough!" Colors: Black and White. Shirt is black.
  • Arr ye Skelly Enough! - White This is the black version of "Arr ye Skelly Enough! - White". It has a picture of a skelly on the front and says, "Arr ye skelly enough!" Colors: Black and White. Shirt is white.

Back of Shirt

  • Vessels - Black This is the black version of "Vessels". Goes on the back side of the shirt. Colors: Blue, white, and black. Shirt is black.
  • Vessels - White This is the black version of "Vessels". Goes on the back side of the shirt. Colors: Black, white, and yellow. Shirt is white.


"Impending Insanity" (You'll have to scroll a bit, seems to not be going straight to it.) Shirt is a muted sign with wording. Colors: Brown, Red, Black


  • "Jolly Rogery YPP" Jolly Roger type YPP: colors - Black, white & red. T-shirt Colour: works on several colors but not black.
  • "Lets Rumble"Rumble with fish: colors - blue, aqua & black (white it the color of t-shirt). T-shirt Colour: works on several colors.
  • "Bilge too high"Bilge too high: colors - blue, grey & black. T-shirt Colour: works on several colors.



  • [48] blackshipfront black-white
  • [49] blackshipback black-white-blue
  • [50] puzzlepirateback black-white
  • [51] puzzlepiratefront black-white-purple


  • "Booched" T-shirt Colour: White; Design Colours: Black, Purple, Yellow; Black, Green, Red; Black, Orange, Blue
  • "Three Rings - Puzzle Pirate" T-shirt Colour: White; Design Colours: Black, Blue, Yellow; Black, Red, Yellow; Black, Green, Yellow
  • "Chart Yer Course" T-shirt Colour: White; Design Colours: Black, Brown, Red; Black, Brown, Blue; Black, Brown, Green; Black, Brown, Yellow
  • "A Sloop" T-shirt Colour: White; Design Colours: Black, Grey
  • ""P" Marks The Spot"T-shirt Colour: White;Design Colours: Black, Red


  • "The entire gallery" A link to the entire gallery of shirts ive come up with. 30 total and thought it better to post the gallery, then all 30 of them here. Check em, you'll like em...


  • [52]
  • [53] <-- i made a new version, cleaner, meets all rules


PSP and Vector files available upon request. Originals are at least 1500 x 1500. Text can be added.


High res available upon request. Font size, logos are changeable.

White T-shirt with 3 colours: Red, Navy Blue and Black.

White T-shirt with 3 colours: Red, Navy Blue and Black.

White T-shirt with 3 colours: Lemon Yellow, Blue and Black.

White T-shirt with 3 colours: Lemon Yellow, Blue and Black.


T-shirt with transparent background. Black, white and green design colours. Vector based. Original lettering.

The same t-shirt design but with grey background.


Vector art, done in InkScape (still got the .svg files ofcourse)

Larger images availible here:

PS. my entry on the forums will be delayed until someone fixes the VALIDATE ACCOUNT link (can't validate and log on, kinda unfair).




Images created in Photoshop as 30cm wide images at 600 dpi.

You can also see an example of the artwork at higher resolution, as well as how the first design might look on a female or a male.


  • "Avast!" T-shirt Colour: Plain White; Design Colours: Black, Gray, White
  • "Wanted Ad" T-shirt Colour: Plain White; Design Colours: White, Dark brown and Light brown






Vector image & file formats available upon request. All entry source files are 1500x1500 150dpi layered Adobe Photoshop file (.PSD); All image mask/layers are color separated and ready for screen printing; basic colors are shown in the entry images: Black, Red, and Blue.



"Bones of steel-BACK OF SHIRT"


"Three pirates BACK OF SHIRT"



  • Familiars 600 T-shirt colour: White; Design Colours: Black, White


all entries can easily have their colours changed to fit a specific colour pallet and could work with any "puzzle pirates" branded tshirt back


  • "Puzzle and Skull Dude"Yellow Jigsaw Puzzle with silly skull dude Joint effort of Revette and Dragyn. Created in PSP



  • "Santa" The front of my T shirt design
  • "Santa" The back of my T shirt design. The Logo is a bit pixcelated, but hopefully you can add your own high quality version of the logo on if i win.


  • "Battle" Colors: black and white. Blue is used to transparency.
  • "Piratey Fun" Colors: gold, black, and white
  • "POE" Colors: gold and black



  • [55] Front of the shirt, red & white.
  • [56] Back, still 2 colors :) Thanks to Fiesy for feedback!

Design FAQ

Specific questions collected from the forum/PMs that are not addressed in the Competition Guidelines.


  • Can we do front and back designs, or just the front?

You can submit designs for both the front and the back.

  • Do we have to make a (real life) t shirt and add the design on it?

No. Just submit your design image to the entry thread in Mariner's Muse, and to the wiki page. (Thanks Apollo!)

  • Can we sketch the design out?

You can use whatever methods you want in the preparation of your design. The final submission has to be in a digital format. If you need help translating a sketch into digital format, enlist the help of a fellow pirate on the forum!

  • Is it allowable to alter Three Rings game graphics for the design)? I'm not suggesting taking a portrait and sticking it on a t-shirt ... just wondering if it has to be completely original art.

Completely original designs are the main intention of the contest. However, I'm not aware of a definitive "no existing game art" rule, and I could see some potential for taking existing game art and giving it a completely new twist. I don't want to make a black-and-white statement about this and therefore stop an absolutely brilliant idea being entered! (Thanks Apollo!)

  • What is completely original art? Does that mean simple art (not so detailed)..?

Original art is art that you've created without copying existing art (so no tracing, altering other people's photos or clip art; that sort of thing). It usually consists of drawings or paintings, or in this case, vector art.

Original in no way implies simple. It may be, but simplicity and originality are two different things. (Thanks SilveRansom!)

  • What fonts can I use?

please oh please make sure you use fonts that are FREE or you OWN. I shouldn't have to say this but using some random font your friend gave you is copyright infringement and you and Three Rings could easily be sued without proper rights. Most of the images created look like they are using screen fonts of some variety... but it is something to consider. (Thanks lebandit)

Another note about fonts: If you save as SVG, note that many fonts won't show up as what you intended - they'll show up as Arial, etc..., just as webpages with custom fonts (Ugh I hate those) that people stupidly coded where you gotta have the font to view the webpage. (Thanks Thumbis!)

Vector Art Programs

  • You listed Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Flash and some from the wikipedia site, do I *have* to use these?

You don't have to use one of those programs specifically - use whatever you want. You can hand draw and edit on PC if you wish. See the Vector vs Bitmap section below for why vector art is preferred.

  • I got a macintosh computer (very very new) I cant find a good program that is good to design graphic, any way i could get some fancy program? and any tips on designing graphic?

I found this free editor and it looks like it covers Linux, Windows and OSX. Inkscape (Thanks Synful!)

  • What file format will you require for the vector images, EPS?



  • What colors are allowed?

Keep with these colors for the ink: Black, White, Golden Yellow, Lemon yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Brown, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Green to be safe.

For tee colors, here are the more common colors: Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Brown, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Green, Gray (That said, also depends on what stock the print shop may have.)

  • Are there templates available or possible shirt colors?

Threadless has two templates available that show shirt colors available for previewing of your designs in 640x480. T-shirt colors are: banana, kiwi, classic pink, azalea, light blue, navy, royal, pacific blue, orange, orange poppy, purple, dusk purple, gold, red, scarlet, forest green, kelly, jade, sagestone, yellow, burgundy, chocolate, dakota state, denim, khaki, black, athletic heather, ash, natural and white. Photoshop PSD Flash FLA

Take note that though the Threadless templates have a large range of t-shirt colors, since we are not organizing this competition via Threadless, we cannot guarantee that the more exotic t-shirt colors (those not on the common color list above) will be available.

  • If we use black as an outline, does that count as a colour? / Can we specify preferred shirt colors for our designs to eke out a fourth color?

Yes. Remember that you can use the T-shirt beneath the design to act as an outline by leaving gaps in your design, though! (Thanks Apollo!) The classic example would be a black background, meaning you can have lovely thick black lines within the art without needing to waste a colour on 'em. ;) (Thanks ponytailguy)

  • I tried to get the colors all the same (so I would only have 3 colors) and I got it as close as I could but not exact. So my question is: Can I post the image and then tell what and where the three colors are supposed to be?

Yes! Just make a note next to your entry.

  • Can I post multiple color versions my design entry to see which one people like better?

Sure! As long as the ink and t-shirt colors are available, you can make different colorways for your design.

  • Can I use newspaper-style shading to increase the number of colors they can use e.g. using little red dots on white to get a pink effect?

Sure can! Here's an example of how it can work nicely. If you're talking about color halftones, you would need to consider that in screenprinting there really isn't any sort of opacity adjustment. Each color is printed individually, so for the halftone pattern to have the color effect you would need to ensure that there is no blending between the pattern used. A good way to test how your effect would be is to use layers and each layer would be a different color and with all layers visible and opacity set to 100% on the layer it would give you the screenprinting effect.

Submitting and Voting

  • Could there be a potential for community voting to turn into a popularity contest?

Yes, to some extent. I see advantages and disadvantages to this approach. While there is the possibility for people to make negative comments, this is also intended to be a product that people can actually buy at the end of the process! It's very useful to know which designs are catching the imagination and interest of the players. If negative comments seems unreasonable or unsupported, they can always be ignored. We do ask for constructive criticism, not just criticism. (Thanks Apollo!)


  • When the new tees are printed will you be selling all Juniors, Adult and Plus sizes?

We'll be sure to select a print shop that offers a wide a range of sizes and cuts as possible.

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