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Trophy-Dread Masterpiece.png Pirate Artist
Contributed in-game art by Lulee

Lulee is a dormant pirate who sailed the Viridian and Jade oceans.

Note: Lulee's early contest entries listed her as a Viridian pirate, so Viridian was included in the infobox. It appears that the original pirate was purged, deleted, or renamed, however, as the current pirate was never used. Lulee on Jade has the Dread Masterpiece trophy for her portrait backgrounds, but no Lulee with a Gilded Egg trophy has been found. It seems most likely that Viridian Lulee was purged, and a new pirate made to replace her to reserve the name even though the player was no longer active on Viridian.

A Malachite Lulee (now Lulee-West) was used for a while, and may also belong to the the artist Lulee.

In-game art

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