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Pinoydog started being a pirate on July 4th 2006. First he joined different crews and advanced his rank to pirate. He soon found Nordenx jobbing pirates on a war brig pillage. After that pillage he was asked to join Anak Bathala and was assigned the rank of officer. Being an officer on the Anak Bathala for week he soon got promoted to fleet officer. He ran pillages until he was promoted to senior officer. Then he bought his first sloop and opened his first stall on Sakejima Island.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Joined the crew Anak Bathala.
  • Bought his first sloop Attractive Lamprey.
  • Former Lord of the flag Latin Revolution.
  • Former Lord of the flag -Memetica-
  • Current Prince of the flag of Piratas Maharlika

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