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If you are looking for the crew Pogo, go to Pogo (Malachite).
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Pogo is captain of the crew Scarlet Star on the Midnight Ocean.


Contributions and Awards


Pogo began playing Y!PP in November 2004 with his older brother. The pair were quickly dockpressed into a no longer existing crew. After his brother quit the game, Pogo realized his crewmates all lived in distant timezones, and therefore all played during inconvenient hours. He left the crew and joined Daring Death for a few months before founding the crew Scarlet Star.

Once the crew gained sufficient fame, the crew was invited to join Dark Judgement, and Pogo was eventually given the title of lord. In early 2007, when Dark Judgement split up, Pogo took his crew to the flag Crimson Tide, where he was eventually given the title of lord.

Pogo has enjoyed an on-and-off pattern of play, sometimes going months without renewing his subscription or even logging on at all.

For a brief period in 2006, Pogo ran an avatar business on the forums (Revived again in 2007 and closed again).

GCPP Designer


Programmer: Sigaligasig

Artist: PogoBeta

Runner-Up and Consolation Trinkets

4th Place, PoTC Spoof video contest, July 2006
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Honorable Mention ("coverall" category), Dead Letter Office contest, October 2006
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Runner-Up ("Bust" Illustration), Dead Letter Office contest, October 2006
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Dead Letter Office contest, October 2006
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Consolation prize, Escape from the Night Watch, January 2007
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Colors-trinket-Long stem rose.png
6th Place, Draw Your Demise, November 2007
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Consolation prize, Bia's Animation Avatars, April 2008
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Recognition of contribution to GCPP for Project Mako
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Colors-trinket-Puzzled Fish.png

Brigand King Trinkets

Cursed Idol, October 22, 2006
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Colors-trinket-Cursed idol.png
Fish Eye Lens Monocle, June 21, 2007
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Colors-trinket-Fish eye lens monocle.png

Limited Trinkets

GM Sea Battle
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Trinket-Sea Battle ranking trophy (Grand-Master).png

Competition Trinkets

Kidneys Cross belt Wraith blade
Kidneys Cross

OM/Dev Dolls

Escape from the Night Watch finalist, January 2007
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Trinket-Hermes doll.png
Pirate Party (Pittsburgh) June 2007
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Trinket-Nemesis doll.png
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