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Senior Officer of the Ransack Marauders and Prince of Marauders Pact.

Contributions and Awards

  • Was one of the co-founders and captains of the Ransack Marauders
  • Lord and Prince of Silver Dawn's Royalty Council February 2005 - September 2005.
  • He served as Admiral of Silver Dawn from November 2004 until October 2005.
  • He served as King of Marauders Pact from April 2006 until January 2008.
  • Former Governor of Midsummer island.
  • Respected blockade navigator across Midnight.


Shark's earliest days were spent in Shadowlink, a crew splintered off from The Cartographers by Plasmalink. The young pirate departed from the crew along with senior officers Ironfisted and Calicohydro, and the OiT Chihiro, the four pirates founding the Ransack Marauders. Shark was quickly promoted to the position of officer, as he was a quick learner and helped to shape the beginnings of the fledging crew. His subsequent appointment to the position of senior officer was rapid, coming in January 2004 in light of his grasp of both the puzzling and political aspects of Y!PP. His battle navigation skills were regularly tested at crew pillage and in pillages of his own, as he sought to recruit fresh blood to the crew and bring in finance. Shark received an award at the crew's Green Turban Awards of April 2004 for his contributions to the crew.

Shark's involvement in the Azure Ocean testing of the blockade mechanisms in the same month prompted the beginning of his career in blockade navigating, his skills often being called upon by various flags to defend or attack islands on Midnight. During the first battle of Eta Island, Shark was one of the primary brig navigators. This further reflects the increasingly assertive role he took in the crew's flag, his influential position being recognised by his titling as Lord of Silver Dawn on April 27th 2004.

In mid-September 2004, Shark was elected as the new captain of the crew, becoming only the second pirate to hold that honour since the crew's founding under Ironfisted. On a flag level, Shark continued to bring his technical prowess for blockade-navigation to the table, as he was appointed to the position of Admiral in November 2004, prompting his development of several resources and explanations of blockade strategy for use by crew and flag. Following Pjotr's retirement from the royalty council in February 2005, Shark became a prince and the Ransack Marauder's royalty representative. Although he never held the position of monarch in an official capacity, Shark was undoubtedly one of the most prominent leaders of the flag throughout 2005 and the Scallywag War.

The pirate passed on the captain's hat to Pjotr in September 2005, remaining one of the primary navigators during the crew's weekly war brig pillage. Shark has been noted for his desire to win a monkey familiar, an achievement that has eluded him thus far.

With the establishment of his crew's independent flag, Marauders Pact, Shark took up the position of King, an indication of his leadership and ambassadorial qualities within the context of the Midnight Ocean.