Release 2007-11-06

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Norse by Norse-West

From the Release Notes:
  • Vikings!
    • New ship: Longship
    • New furniture: Carven chair, carven bench, carven table
    • New clothing: Viking helmet, overlord helmet, valkyrie helmet
  • Allow ship-wide orders like "More/fewer pirates to treasure haul/sail/bilge" through the duty icons on the dutier list.
  • Enable Mac OS keybindings on the full screen chat panel.
  • Allow a vessel's proposed course to be displayed at the same time as the existing course.
  • New limited-edition portrait - Pinky77's Green Night.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix booched zombie trophy names.
    • Fix position of enemy count in rumble.
    • Fix issues with carpentry maneuver box moving.
    • Don't allow bid tickets filled or commodity orders delivered to vessels configured for greeter pillaging or swabbie ship transport.
    • Fix missing graphics on top puzzler lists when viewed in a web browser.
    • Don't let participation in event blockades keep flags from being able to change their relationships.
    • In flotillas, don't deploy supply ships while in retreat mode.