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For the pirate named Katana, see Katana (pirate).
drop pattern
Minimum delivery cost (doubloons) 10 Decay rate  ?

The katana is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It is produced at iron mongers. It is only usable by subscribers on subscription oceans. The drop pattern for the katana allows for medium to large strikes to create problems for opponents, and it is one of the only swords whose full pattern requires at least 5 breakers to reach the lowest row.

The katana is effective in both one on one swordfights and team swordfights. Multiple strikes sent to an opponent will severely disrupt the board and lead to an easy victory. The pattern is very similar to that of the dadao.



According to Wikipedia, the Katana is a sword of Japanese origin, most commonly referred to as a samurai sword.

Historical notes

The katana and dadao were introduced with release 2010-06-29, alongside a new ship and various Eastern-themed furniture. These swords are the first new swords in the game since the introduction of the backsword in release 2005-05-02.

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