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The stick is one of the seventeen sword types available to players in the game. It can not be purchased from stores.

Pirates are given a free stick after the last sword in their inventory has dusted. The only other way to obtain a stick is to trade with a player who has had their last sword dust. Sticks themselves do not decay and will never dust. A stick will always have the distinct [ red | blue | green ] pattern.

The stick has the worst drop pattern in the game, as it is the most ineffective pattern that the Ringers could come up with (at the time).[1]

Despite being an abysmally bad sword, the stick finds a lot of use for that exact reason: "Stick wagers" are a very fun game mode for swordfighters of all skill-levels to bet their items.

Pattern overview

Note: Previewing the non-reversed version. Reversing the sword mirrors the pattern.

Sprinkle attack
Sprinkle board.png
Middle Strike
Middle strike board.png
Corner Strike
Corner strike board.png
Swordfight Attack smallSprinkle.png
A small sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern smallSprinkle Stick.png
Swordfight Attack smallStrike.png
A small strike (2x4)
Swordfight Pattern smallStrike Stick.png
Swordfight Attack smallDual.png
A small dual strike (2x4 + 2x4)
Swordfight Pattern smallDual Stick.png
Swordfight Attack mediumSprinkle.png
A medium sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern mediumSprinkle Stick.png
Swordfight Attack mediumStrike.png
A medium strike (2x6)
Swordfight Pattern mediumStrike Stick.png
Swordfight Attack mediumDual.png
A medium dual strike (2x6 + 2x6)
Swordfight Pattern mediumDual Stick.png
Swordfight Attack bigSprinkle.png
A massive sprinkle attack
Swordfight Pattern bigSprinkle Stick.png
Swordfight Attack bigStrike.png
A massive strike (2x12)
Swordfight Pattern bigStrike Stick.png
Swordfight Attack bigDual.png
A massive dual strike (2x12 + 2x12)
Swordfight Pattern bigDual Stick.png
Sword Damage

Note: Greatly varies based on board state

Single sword (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Strike.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallStrike Stick.png

Middle Duals (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Middle.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallMiddle Stick.png

Corner Duals (small)

Swordfight Damage Small Corner.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage smallCorner Stick.png

Single sword (big)

Swordfight Damage Strike.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Strike Stick.png

Middle Duals (big)

Swordfight Damage Middle.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Middle Stick.png

Corner Duals (big)

Swordfight Damage Corner.pngSwordfight Pattern Damage Corner Stick.png

Historical notes

Sticks were added in the game with release 2003-12-19. Prior to that, if a pirate's last sword dusted, they had no sword, and were given a red/red foil for swordfights.

Prior to release 2008-11-19 pirates could not trash sticks held in the inventory, and they were not destroyed by acquiring a new sword. Other than keeping the sticks on the character, a pirate's only options were to put them in sword racks or trade them away.

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